Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Forest Clay video

Forest Clay just released a new music video for his song Nook off "Vernal Pools". It is a stop-animation composed of over 1750 photos, very tedious! Check it out this is really amazing, also props to Kenzie she helped Eddie edit this.

By the way, Total Bummer was really great, we filmed some of it and we should have it up online sometime next week. Until then, you can search youtube for some videos by others.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Dth - I Hope I Can Feel Something Like That One Day

I don't know much about this, my friend Ashley sent this to me. Based on bandcamp it appears to be a solo project our of New Orleans. Dth's "I Hope I Can Feel Something Like That One Day" is like listening to someone's inner collection of thoughts or feels throughout some situation in a day. Reminds me a lot of The Books highly recommended for fans. I Hope I Can Feel Something Like That One Day really evokes what it reads, such a good title for this collection of sounds.

Dth - I'm Squeaking Everywhere
Dth - I Always Feel Like Crying (For Mom)


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Teeth Mountain

Teeth Mountain is an experimental band from Baltimore, Maryland. Tribal chattering epic instrumentals. Swirling crunch and overdriven ambience. Jungle feels. Acoustic and organic vibes, completely a step away from electronic. Widerness, so far gone.

Teeth Mountain - Keinsein
Teeth Mountain - Malamut

Hear Hums is playing with Teeth Mountain, as well as Yip Yip, Oh Fortuna, Prince of Ayodhya, and Dark Sea of Awareness March 27th at the Spin Cycle in Gainesville, Florida as part of Total Bummer festival.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Total Bummer Compilation

Total Bummer -- MARCH 26-28th

Compilation of artists performing at the festival

1. "Hemp Scented Body Lotion" - Vacation Dad
2. "Versatility of Movement" - Attached Hands
3. "Money in the Banks" - Smart Growth
4. "Loon and the Lion (GJ Series)" - Levek
5. "I Saw Four Deer" - Totally Nebular
6. "You'll Carry on Real Nice" - Dead Gaze
7. "Atlantean Magenta" - PG-13
8. "Big White House" - Many Mansions
9. "Let it Load" - RUN DMT
10. "Cricket, Spider, Snake, Hawk" - Birdfeeder
11. "Internal Combustion" - Phillip Oskar Augustine
12. "Numbjob" - Truman Peyote
13. "Hallelujah Sea Graves" - Michael Parallax
14. "Ping Pan Band" - Hear Hums
15. "Snow Day Guitars" - Boy in Sleep
16. "Double Dolphin" - Yip Yip
17. "Might Mountain" - Oh Fortuna
18. "Hungry" - Lil Daggers
19. "Metal on Your Skin" - Emily Reo
20. "I Need Love" - Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands
21. "Chlorophyl" - Millionyoung
22. "Panoptic Yes" - Prince Rama of Ayodhya
not sure who made this

Friday, March 5, 2010

spark routes

spark routes is the experimental project of Nick Burk out of Memphis Tennessee. warmer slowing, seemingly his first offical release, is characterized heavily by reverse tracks, nature sounds, and imaginative processing. Rhythms built of samples and overdriven booms, occasional acoustic guitars, ambience and reverb, crusty lofi recordings. Some moments are very giddy and poppy with danceability, others beatless and more focused on melody and the color of sounds. If anything, melodic, hyper-meditative, magical and colorful tunes.

spark routes - spring growth
spark routes - drip dry

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