Saturday, December 31, 2011

Surfin Serf

Surfin Serf is a four-piece band from Orlando, Florida. They put a progressive/math rock twist on highly catchy pop melodies. They have released two sets of recordings on bandcamp, Surfin Serf Demo 2011a and No Meta. While I enjoy focusing on the art of the recording, it is important to note Surfin Serf have an incredible live set and need not to doctor up their recordings.

From their Myspace, they share "the surfin serf music band of orlando, florida became a four-piece in the summer of 2010. this current iteration is wet with afterbirth, and most-appropriate representations gradually surface. in the meantime, peruse the available relics, which remain available as indications of the strange beast which now hangs out on vietnamese streets".

Surfin Serf performing "Gingerbread".

Surfin Serf performing "Que Se Yo".

Orlando can catch Surfin Serf at the Orange You Glad Music Festival 2012 (March 8-11th) also featuring Grimes, Born Gold, Jane Jane Pollock, Dark Sea of Awareness, Cults, Tennis, Maximino, Everything is Terrible, Moodrings, Loud Valley, and many more.


Friday, December 30, 2011

Day Joy

Day Joy is an indie folk duo from Orlando, Florida. Just a few days ago they debuted with New Ordinary 7", a two-song release, highly impressive recordings. Hopefully we'll hear more from these guys in the future.

Download New Ordinary for free on bandcamp.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Red Sea

Red Sea is an indie rock band from Atlanta, Georgia.

Download Weird Problem for free on bandcamp.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fruit Flesh

Fruit Flesh is the solo project of Jake Tobin from Tallahassee, Florida. On bandcamp, he describes his music as "a whirl of physical repulsion and a dizzy, higher awareness that sounds something like a glass plate matted in areas with soft erasure marks and odd meter". Expect a split release with fellow Tallahassee band Wingsuit soon through Wonder Beard.

Download both Guilty Exchange and Corrective Lenses for free on bandcamp.

facebook/fruit flesh

Monday, December 26, 2011


Qurious is an electronic duo from Atlanta, Georgia. Their first full-length, 2010's Planet Plant, is a narrative about aliens' adventure to Earth. Read an in-depth interview Qurious did with Chad Radford discussing influences, the live performance, musical background, and the concept behind Planet Plant on Crib Notes.

Below is a video for their song "Another Language", which is the first song to be released from their upcoming album.

Download Planet Plant for free from their bandcamp.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Church of Holy Colors Interview with Tiny Waves

Recently, Tiny Waves traveled to Gainesville to interview Evan Galbicka and Joey Fillastre, the artists running the Church of Holy Colors. For words by Steve Head and more photos, check out the original post on Tiny Waves' site.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

VIDEO: Sunflower Pagallo - Bee Keeper

Following the release of Northern Direction, Sunflower Pagallo has released a video for the closing track of the album, "Bee Keeper". The video was filmed and edited by the band.

Download the album for free from this link or on bandcamp.

Friday, December 16, 2011

VIDEO: Prince Rama - Summer of Love

Check out Prince Rama's new video for "Summer of Love" off of the new Paw Tracks release Trust Now.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Sunflower Pagallo

Sunflower Pagallo is the new project of Sydney Lane and Eddie Roqueta (Forest Clay). Their debut, Northern Direction began as acoustic songs written by Sydney; Eddie produced the album, layering drums and other instruments.

Download Northern Direction for free off bandcamp.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hundred Waters

Hundred Waters is a new band from Gainesville, Florida, featuring Nicole Miglis and Trayer Tryon, as well as most members from Levek's previous live configuration. On Hundred Waters' upcoming album, they perfect a mix of electronic and acoustic elements. Read more about Hundred Waters on Tiny Waves.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Stag Hare

Stag Hare is the solo project of Garrick Biggs from Utah. Stag Hare is among a small hand full of artists on the up and coming label Inner Islands. Read an in-depth interview with Inner Islands founder Braden Mckenna on Tiny Waves.

I have been listening to Stag Hare's latest release, Spirit Canoes, frequently since I received it, highly recommended.


Monday, November 28, 2011

Philip Seymour Hoffman / Mutual Benefit Split

Jordan of Mutual Benefit's own Kassette Klub will release a split with the FMLY's Philip Seymour Hoffman (Noah Klein) this December. Jordan has had a steady flow of material released, the latest prior to this being the Mutual Spirits split from Father/Daughter Records. Noah on the other hand has been keeping to himself. Both sides of the tape are reminiscent of the artists' back catalog.

Buy the tape now and get the digital download free.



Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Viernes - Lightyear

"Lightyear" is the first song to be released following Viernes' debut album Sinister Devices. "Lightyear" is an ambient piece, contrasting greatly from the song structures on Sinister Devices, and consistent with what Alberto has been doing with his solo project Acquoi (formerly Galleries).


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tree Hopping - Whatever, Dude (Live)

Tiny Waves came to Gainesville last weekend and covered a music event at the art space Church of Holy Colors. Taken from Steve Head's article over at Tiny Waves, below is a video of my favorite song of the Tree Hopping live set, "Whatever, Dude".





Friday, November 11, 2011

Alligator Indian - Football

Alligator Indian is a band from Asheville, North Carolina. We met them on our tour last May. Football is a 6-track EP released last September through Bleeding Gold Records. Download it for free from Alligator Indian's bandcamp.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pretty Bird

Pretty Bird is a band from Athens, Georgia. They channel the tribal energy of Foot Village and early Animal Collective records. We are playing with them tonight in Athens.

beeeeeallllyourrrrpotenchall by pretty bird

Download some Pretty Bird songs on SoundCloud.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Two People Playing Music - Great Leaps

Last month Two People Playing Music released Great Leaps, a full-length recorded live in their living room in Asheville, North Carolina. Check out "Sufi" and "Improv 2" below.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

VIDEO: Woodsman - Parallel Minds

Woodsman has just released Mystic Places through Trevor's own Fire Talk.

Parallel Minds is a mellower jam on Mystic Places. It contrasts my experience of their current live performances, which seem to teeter more on the side of "Tone Cloak" or more straight-forward "From The Vision Hand". The exploring Woodsman does from song to song on Mystic Places highlights different aspects of their psychedelic rock sound, only changing subtley enoungh to still allow for seamless transitions from start to end.

Purchase Mystic Places on vinyl through Fire Talk Records.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lighthouse Music - Only Human

Lighthouse Music has just released Only Human via Red Planet Records. Today, artists can use recording and experimenting with editing to create, and then figure out how to play it live. Lighthouse Music are the farthest thing from this. While they did add some interesting things in the studio (like the coins sound on "Change"), the recording is really just archiving their songs. They've been playing these songs for the past few years, and it shows by the dynamic arrangement and song progressions. At first they attempted to do live recordings. After several attempts, they decided instead to record everything track by track. Lighthouse still managed to retain the essence of their live performance on Only Human, adding a more varied, less electric instrument palette (including violin). This album may be compared to efforts by Man Man, and the compositions allude to Miles Davis and Tom Waits influences.

Only Human by Lighthouse Music

Compare "Hip Bop" live with the recording.

Purchase Only Human now through CD Baby.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Tree Hopping From Upcoming Messyhopping

brian sequence by tree hopping

"Brian Sequence" is a new Tree Hopping song from an upcoming split with Messy Sparkles entitled Messyhopping. Gabriel of Tree Hopping designed the cover. Pre-order the cassette now from MJ MJ Records.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Trayer - Afterlife An Abandoned Theme Park

On October 18th, Trayer released Afterlife An Abandoned Theme Park via Porter Records. This album has been in the making for five years, split into found sides. Part four was previously released as a stand-alone collection entitled Liquidation.

In 17 tracks, Trayer wanders in different directions. A partial committment to an IDM song structure is found consistently throughout the album's duration, flip flopping back and forth from effected speech field recordings, found sounds and guitar melodies, to more of an straightforward electronic rhythm based mode.

All of Afterlife An Abandoned Theme Park was composed by Trayer, though other artists, including Nicole, Zach, Felipe, and Paul from Levek contributed instrumentation on various songs. This core group of Levek's previous live band, including Trayer have formed Hundred Waters. They have completed their first full-length and will be be beginning to perform live soon in Gainesville. More to come on Hundred Waters in the next weeks.

Trayer - Amanogawa

Stream a few songs on bandcamp, or download the album for free here. Purchase it on vinyl or CD from Porter Records.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Playlist for Stock-71

This is a playlist I made for Stock-71. It includes music by Sumsun, Woodsman, Dustin Wong, Levek, Prince Rama, God Boat, Mini Prophets, Orchal & Vir, Mutual Benefit, Emily Reo, Jane Jane Pollock, and Blithe Field.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Stream Orchal & Vir's Debut

Orchal & Vir is the ex-duo of Tristan Whitehill and Kane Pour from Gainesville, Florida. Though their debut comes to us after they have retired the project, it does not render the album any less valuable. You can still catch them performing live under their solo projects Euglossine Industries and Kane Pour.

If you like what you hear, purchase it on vinyl or CD from Elestial Sound.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Nicole Miglis Tunes & The Future of This Blog

With other activities demanding my time, and without internet access at my home, I have stepped away from posting on this blog. I would still like to share great music. Primarily the focus of this blog is people we come in contact with, which happens to be a lot of Florida artists.

I would encourage you to check out Tiny Waves, a new Orlando based site that will be covering the Florida scene as well as kindred vibes from around the globe.

I am not a journalist and I no longer feel comfortable writing about another's music in the way I previously have. That being said, I still want to post about music, but in a way that lets the music speak for itself more. Also, I am interested in interviewing artists and will continue to do so. Nicole Miglis is one of my favorite Gainesville musicians. "Quiet Morning" and "Who Had the Key?" are the first demos to come directly from Nicole on her bandcamp. You can grab three more of her songs here.

Above is Nicole performing Frédéric Chopin's Ballade No.4 at her University of Florida undergraduate recital.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

INTERVIEW: Dustin Wong

Written for Rebel,
Please read on

Interview w/ Dustin Wong

From Hawaii to Japan to the United States, Dustin Wong has had quite an episodic childhood; learning English and forgetting it as his family and he relocated to Japan at the age of two, having to re-learn English and joining a punk band in his early teens contrasting the oppressive conditions of Catholic school, Dustin surely went through some turmoil. In 2008 he started the quintet Ponytail with friends from art school. In 2010, after many performances and two albums worth of songs, the band announced their perfomance at Whartscape that year may be their last. The individual endeavors of the band's members had led them to an indefinite hiatus. Since then Dustin has released 2009's Seasons, a collection of ideas from 2002 to 2007 captured with just the internal mic on his laptop. In 2010, he released Let It Go, which pushed further the integration of technical guitar riffs with processed voice, drum, keyboard textures, and the limitless imagination of recording; finally Infinite Love the same year, which showcases a true representation of Dustin's live performance built almost entirely of fast-paced guitar loops.

First of all, do you plan on creating with Ecstatic Sunshine in the future?

I collaborate with Matt from time to time. We've been recording songs at the end of every year the past 3 years. We email it to our friends and post it on our blogs as a kind of a git for the holidays. Last year we recorded renditions of "Blue Moon" and "Sleep Walk".

What are your different roles in your solo project, Ponytail, and Ecstatic Sunshine? When making music do you consider whether something would be more for Ponytail or more for yourself?

With both projects I wanted the contributions to be spread equally and democratically. The idea of a band for me is alchemical, a group of people come together and blend their intellect and creativity as one singular idea, and that is the most exciting element of being in a band. You learn new things about yourself musically too, so it's a great learning experience.

Do you find creating more difficult or easy going with this democratic decision making? At the end of the day do you think everyone is satisified with every single aspect of a song? What do you bring back to your own solo project from working with others?

Yes, it is pretty difficult! Because everybody needs to be satisfied, but that makes the performance that much better when everybody is in to what they are playing. It becomes passionate and exciting. Its a delicate balance, to have 4 sticks leaning on each other to stand upright.

With my solo stuff, I've learned so much from everybody that I have collaborated in the past. Every individual approaches the medium in their own particular way even if it doesn't seem that way formally when you're listening. I always look at guitarists and examine how they play, being like, huh wow, he skipped over that note, or that inflection accent is something I wouldn't do.

Do you work on a song for awhile before you record it or do you experiment and use recording as an idea generation tool?

I use recordings as a way to refine a song. I will only record a song once the idea is a little bit more solid, then listening back, I try to chip away the flaws of the song, sand it down a little. Things can be shorter or longer, cutting unnecessary elements or dominating frequencies.

Since 2009 you've written from time to time on your blog Influenced By Something, which has served as a place for you to post your shows, live, videos and other news, and things you're into. With most artists and listeners moving away from Myspace, trying Blogspot, Tumblr, Facebook, etc, as a home base for their fans, do you intend for Influenced By Something to be a place where your fans can stay informed on what you're doing?

I hope so yeah, I really don't like myspace these days, so hard to use! I want to make that blog the main source for that stuff, I can link it through my facebook too so its useful when I'm sharing ideas or music. I've been using Soundcloud too but I'm afraid I'm still a bit web 2.0 illiterate.

For the most part, do you plan out a piece of music in your head with intended results or experiment until you've made something you couldn't have expected?

It all comes through experimentation, it's a lot of exploring. Sometimes I may get an idea about rhythms and melodies that might work as a foundation. But that happens rarely and it works rarely too. The best way for me is to explore and find something that strikes me then build on top of that.

Share with us a story from the first band or project you were a part of.

Hmm, I was in a crappy punk band in middle school, I played the bass. I was in Japan at the time so it was hard to find free spaces to practice because of the strict noise complaints, however there were a lot of rent by hour studio through the city and there was one pretty close to our school. The one we went to was pretty dirty and we didn't know anything about making music (I actually thought every song ever recorded were played by improvisation). One day our drummer decided to build a fire in the middle of the space, and we played as loud as we could. I peed on the fire. We were a bunch of ignorant morons.

Wow, it's interesting to imagine who you seemingly are today being that mischievous as a kid. When we hung out in New York last May I felt you were one of the most positive, easy going people I've met. So you've been making music for a long time then, when did you first pick up the guitar?

Ha, yeah, well I started off as a very naive guitarist. I picked up the guitar when I was about 14yrs old, I didn't know anything. So I started off with shapes, squares, rectangles, triangles on the fret-board, changing the tuning, putting drumsticks in between the strings and stuff. As I started collaborating more with people it started clicking, It started to all make sense. I realized its all a simple puzzle, just had to figure out how the pieces came together. I got my telecaster when I was 15, my Dad got it for my birthday, its my baby, still use it to this day, I can't imagine using any other guitar than the one I have now.

Is there anything notable outside of creating art that you invest a lot of time into?

I really love reading religious and new age books. UFO and Alien stuff I really love. I also read the Tarot. I've also been interested in binaural beats and vibrational healing.

You mean like the Solfeggio frequencies? 528Hz allegedly repairs DNA, right? Have you considered implementing that into your music?

I did not know about the 528Hz! That is very cool! Maybe one day I will be able to implement it in my music, tho I feel like I still lack the knowledge. However, healing, thats something that I really want to have in my music. Sometimes I feel that kindness is lacking in music these days.

Given the fact that your solo work is mostly instrumental, how do you name your songs? You have posted the titles for "Infinite Love" on your blog, but other than that, most may not know what or if the songs have names. Is this your intention and if so, why?

Song titles are a tough one for me, Its hard to find the words to fit. With Infinite Love I took all the words from a revival hymnal book from the 1800's I found at an antique fair. It came out like a prayer and I thought it would be nice to have it 'concealed'. That these song titles or prayer was internalized in the media, like a silent prayer.

Is there an overall theme to your music or something you're trying to convey?

Building and collapsing, collapsed by the builders. It's architecture, to elevate, then humbled by the collapse. I always feel like whenever I think I've grown in some way, I have to start from the ground up again. Like planting a seed on the highest branch, then letting that seed grow in to a new tree, then planting a seed again on the highest branch.

What are your plans for the remainder of 2011 and beyond?

I want to record this new album, and I might be going to the UK to conduct an ensemble of guitarists to play some renditions of Infinite Love. I've never conducted so this is going to be extremely fun! There has been some major changes in my life recently so it's a new beginning for me!

Photo: Dustin Wong perfoming live at Silent Barn in Queens, NY by Emily Reo.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


This is our visual accompaniment for Shrines.

Hope you all enjoy!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Surfer Blood Announce New EP "Tarot Classics"

"Miranda" is a three minute pop rock tune serving as the first listen for Surfer Blood's forthcoming EP, Tarot Classics, due October 25th on Kanine Records.


01 I'm Not Ready
02 Miranda
03 Voyager Reprise
04 Drinking Problem

Surfer Blood tour dates are as follows:

08-13 Bangor, ME - Bangor Waterfront
08-27 Saint Louis, MO - LouFest
08-31 Seattle, WA - Neumo's
09-03 Portland, OR - Roseland Theater
09-10 Orlando, FL - Firestone
09-16 Los Angeles, CA - Echoplex
09-17 Los Angeles, CA - The Getty
09-21 Tampa, FL - Crowbar
09-22 Gainesville, FL - Double Down Live
10-27 Montclair, NJ - The Wellmont Theatre *
10-28 Asbury Park, NJ - Asbury Park Convention Hall *
10-29 Waterbury, CT - Palace Theatre *
10-30 Hampton Beach, NH - Hampton Beach Ballroom *
11-01 Portland, ME - State Theatre *
11-02 Rochester, NY - The Armory *
11-03 Easton, PA - State Theatre Center for the Arts *
11-05 Huntington, NY - Paramount Theatre *
11-06 Wilmington, DE - Grand Opera House *
11-08 Greensboro, NC - Greensboro Coliseum *
11-09 Louisville, KY - Louisville Palace Theatre *
11-10 Knoxville, TN - Tennessee Theatre *
11-11 North Charleston, SC - North Charleston Performing Arts Center *
12-09 Minehead, England - ATP Festival

* with Pixies


Monday, August 29, 2011

Sumsun - Arae

Over a year ago Judson of Sumsun shared with me some really amazing blissful aquatic tracks he had been working on. Around that time he had released Lake Life, a retro beat album with female vocalist Beverly Russell as Sumsun. He was keeping pretty secret about this new sound and anonymously put out the tracks under the name Arae. Sumsun has now released the Arae tracks on bandcamp. Arae's three tracks precede Samo Milagro, and serve as an inside look of Sumsun culminating that watery euphoric sound (the end of "Grey" shares the same voice sample as "Capella I"). Download Arae free on bandcamp, and listen below.


Monday, August 22, 2011


Telethon is a self described psych-pop-tronica band from Orlando, Florida. They blend elements of different types of rock and pop, creating a retro sound with large electronic synths and beats.

According to their discography on bandcamp, in a little over a year's time Telethon has dipped their feet in a pool of "surf rock" and another of electronic. Slowly but surely Telethon has found the perfect mix with their latest song "Get Things Wrong", which reminds me faintly of the band of Montreal. In a live setting, Telethon retains the energy and presence of a rock band, and they pull it off very well. If you're in Orlando I highly recommend you check them out September 10th at the Firestone with Surfer Blood.


Friday, August 19, 2011


Taken directly from their Facebook bio: "Woodsman is an experimental ambient post-psychedelic band based in Denver, CO. The quartet contains two totemic percussionists and two sonic animators who employ electric guitars, feedback loops, and recorded samples to build the dreamy astral soundscapes that define Woodsman’s sound. Influenced by hazy mountain passes, the cinema of Stan Brakhage, and early 1970’s improvisational recordings by Miles Davis Woodsman has crafted aural offerings that are uniquely their own."

Rare Forms has moments of free-form euphoria of reverberated major scale keyboard/guitar textures and fluttering percussion contrasted by more of rock "band" song structures. Definitely recommended:

Their upcoming EP Mystics Places, marking their fifth release, is to be released on October 25th. Pre-order the vinyl from Firetalk and check out "In Circles" off of Mystic Places below.

Woodsman are coming down to Orlando and Gainesville September 11th and 12th respectively. For non-Florida residents, their tour dates are as follows:

8/17 – 7th St. Entry – Minneapolis, MN
8/18 – Project Lodge – Madison, WI
8/19 – Ball Hall – Chicago, IL
8/22 – Happy Dog – Cleveland, OH
8/23 – Embassy Vinyl – Scranton, PA
8/25 – Cake Shop – New York, NY
8/26 – Shea Stadium – Brooklyn, NY
8/27 – BIMA Music Festival – Baltimore, MD
8/31 – BAR – New Haven, CT
9/6 – Danger Danger – Philadelphia, PA
9/7 – Christ Episcopal Church – Richmond, VA
9/8 – Hopscotch Music Festival – Raleigh, NC
9/9 – Hopscotch Music Festival – Raleigh, NC
9/10 – New World Brewery – Tampa, FL
9/11 – BACKBOOTH – Orlando, FL
9/12 – The Atlantic – Gainesville, FL
9/17 – Pig Slop Studios – St. Louis, MO
9/18 – JR’s Lightbulb Club – Fayetteville, AR
9/19 – City Tavern – Dallas, TX
9/20 – Emo’s – Austin, TX
9/21 – The Exchange – Hot Springs, AR
9/24 – Boomslang – Lexington, KY
9/26 – WonderRoot – Atlanta, GA
9/28 – Tin Roof – Charleston, SC
9/30 – Metro Gallery – Baltimore, MD


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Yip Yip - Bone Up

Since the summer of 2008, Yip Yip has been working on what has come to be Bone Up, a 16 track new full length; this year also marks Yip Yip's 10th year anniversay of being a band. Following the relase of Two Kings of the Same Kingdom, Yip Yip began performing and playing new instrumental songs live. In 2009, Yip Yip covered Nirvana's song "Very Ape". They were excited about how the vocals turned out, and wanted to figure out a way to fit vocals into the new compositions, and out of it created another group of songs. This long and premeditated process created one of the most unique and active albums I've heard this year.

There are no questionable areas of the album, Yip Yip's vision was well executed. I instantly recognize the songs from their live performance. By the time the songs came to recording, the essence and energy stayed intact, and upon this Yip Yip added a well defined, dynamic arrangement of intricate sounds ever-changing from measure to measure. They seamless pack multiple parts into mostly two minute songs; each part is very well composed and with an interesting rhythm, yet effortless to follow.

Purchase Bone Up on cassette for $4 and CD for $6 on their bandcamp.
Yip Yip self released this album, and for as inexpensive they are selling it for, it would be great if you forked over a couple bucks for the physical release. If not, the band was nice enough to give away the album for free (or you can name your price for digital tracks on their bandcamp).


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Maximino - Not So Cold, Cave

Maximino just released Not So Cold, Cave, the first of two 6-song EPs based around the Marianna Caverns in Northwest Florida. Gerald seemlessly blends organic cello, glockienspiel, guitar, and other instrumentation with more imaginative processed textures to create modern arrangements in digestible three to four minute songs.

It's worth noting that Maximino's live set incorporates all of these sounds in an engaging way; Gerald loops each keyboard melody, vocal harmony, what have you, but builds the songs up over a longer period of time. It's interesting to hear these songs come to fruition in a more compact form.

Be on the look out for the new EP coming soon. Not So Cold, Cave is available from Maximino's bandcamp for as little as free or as much as you're willing to support this Orlando artist.



Monday, August 8, 2011

VIDEO: Braids - Lammicken

Braids just released a new video by Mark Webber for "Lammicken" off Native Speaker put out by Kanine Records. Braids was a little startled when they saw our album art and visual projections when we played with them in February, so clearly the idea had already been in the works for them some time. The video turned out wonderful with great detail.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

VIDEO: Sumsun - Windstone

Jesselisa Moretti and Miko Revereza have teamed up produce a video to "Windstone", a song off Samo Milago, released last November on Leaving Records. The video visualizes the aquatic slushes and fluid movement of vibrance through the layers in the song.

Be sure to check out the new Beko DSL & Crash Symbols mixtape featuring a new song by Sumsun.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

VIDEO: Dntel - Jitters

Dntel is releasing a new 7" on his upcoming Soft Alarm Tour, beginning August 2nd. This is the A side of the 7" with a sample of the visuals he is making for the tour, created from construction paper through filters in Final Cut. These visuals are really remarkable with great colors and a kaleidoscopic feeling.

The Soft Alarm Tour Dates

Aug 02 Detroit Bar, Costa Mesa, CA
Aug 03 Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco, CA
Aug 05 Mississippi Studios, Portland, OR
Aug 06 Neumos, Seattle, WA
Aug 08 Urban Lounge, Salt Lake City, UT
Aug 09 Hi-Dive, Denver, CO
Aug 10 Slowdown, Omaha, NE
Aug 11 Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis, MN
Aug 12 Lincoln Hall (IL), Chicago, IL
Aug 13 Garden Bowl (MI), Detroit, MI
Aug 14 Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, Canada
Aug 16 Brighton Music Hall, Boston, MA
Aug 17 Johnny Brenda’s, Philadelphia, PA
Aug 18 Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
Aug 19 Red Palace, Washington , DC
Aug 20 Kings Royal Barcade, Raleigh, NC
Aug 21 The Earl, Atlanta, GA
Aug 23 Emo’s (Austin), Austin, TX
Aug 24 Club Dada, Dallas, TX
Aug 26 Bar Smith, Phoenix, AZ
Aug 27 Echoplex, Los Angeles, CA

If you are anywhere around these locations, you should go out and support Dntel, also touring are Baths ambient side project Geotic and One AM Radio.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mutual Spirits

Mutual Spirits is a split release by Mutual Benefit and Holy Spirits; it is the first full length on Father/Daughter Records, whom also serves as a home for Gainesville bud Levek's 7" Look On The Bright Side released last year.

Mutual Spirits is decorated with wonderful acoustic textures--marimba, kalimba, acoustic guitar, stick taps, floor toms, violin, toy piano, banjo, tambourine, and more.

Mutual Benefit's side explores more in the electric realm on songs like "Future House Show" and "Brownsman", with lush keyboard bliss explosions previously found on I Saw The Sea. "Exit" may remind you of Levek (in a Mutual Benefit kind of way), but "No Names" and "Wishing" are strikingly familiar, with melodies passed down in gorgeous, bright folk ballads, yet approached in a new, unique way.

Holy Spirits' side borders on the edge of experimental folk rock. Songs like "Open the Sparrow" and "Handmade Sun" may be something for fans of Fleet Foxes via Grizzly Bear. Holy Spirits offers a refreshing new sound with some remarkable guitar work on "I'll Not Become", powerful arrangements in the aforementioned songs, and a tribal feeling throughout, emphasized most on "To the Shore". These songs build off the work previously shown on The Afternoon's Blood EP released last April.

Below check out the kaleidoscopic music video of "To the Shore" by Brianna Olson.

Purchase the Mutual Spirits vinyl from Father/Daughter Records.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Band In Heaven - Seven Minutes In Heaven

The Band In Heaven recently released Seven Minutes In Heaven, a two track cassette released on Orlando's Norse Korea label clocking in literally at seven minutes. The first song, "Sleazy Dreams" is a high energy rock anthem, like a car chase scene from an action film in the not-too-distant future, with synths peaking in and out of the choruses and a break for more artful dissonance at the two minute mark.

The second song, "If You Only Knew" sounds like a new direction for The Band In Heaven. Building on top of a droning sitar note, a new palette of acoustic textures blend with the crass distortion and reverberated vocals signature to the band's sound. If you are into West Palm native (and recent Surfer Blood inductee) Kevin William's project Totem Pole, you would enjoy this.

The Band In Heaven - If You Only Knew

Purchase Seven Minutes In Heaven on cassette through Norse Korea for $3.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Prince Rama - Rest In Peace

Prince Rama just released a song from their upcoming fifth album, Trust Now, due October 4th on Paw Tracks. "Rest In Peace" is dedicated to Taraka and Nimai's grandmother's passing. The promo video below documents their release party for the single, where, according to Altered Zones, attendees participated in rooftop yoga followed by literally releasing 30 3-inch mini CD-R singles into the air. From their three month multimedia installations at Issue Project Room in support of an aerobic exercise VHS release, to redefining "release party", Prince Rama continues to travel beyond the realm of established normalcy.

Prince Rama - Rest In Peace


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dustin Wong

Dustin Wong is an experimental musician from Baltimore, Maryland. He is a founding member of Ecstatic Sunshine and currently places in four-piece art rock band Ponytail. Last October Dustin Wong released Infinite Love, a piece presumably written for a full orchestra yet performed solely by Wong with a setup consisting basically only of a guitar, looper, and six or so other pedals. The double album is split up into a Brother side and a Sister side. An accompanying DVD allows the listener to choose the course of the experience, beginning the same and eventually taking a few different turns. "Talking Walking Cloud" posted below is a bonus track from Infinite Love.

Dustin Wong - Talking Walking Cloud

Above is a video I filmed at Silent Barn in New York last month on our tour. Philip Seymour Hoffman, Emily Reo, and Dark Sea of Awareness also played that night. Dustin Wong has completely mastered the loop pedal with flawless control and perfectly keeping tempo, each section began with fast paced simple guitar riffs that quickly complexified, with octave, fuzz, delay, and a few other pedals, an organism began growing and with each breath it became larger and larger until suddenly it ceased to exist; the cycle began again in a similar way for the duration of Wong's set.

Make sure to check out Infinite Love through Thrill Jockey, it's a really great album.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nova Joven

Nova Joven is a new band headed by Eamon Ford currently based in Delray Beach, Florida. Not Tuned is a repetitive stirring that hints at sadness, yet an underlying hopeful optimism is almost felt with subtle accompaning melodies dancing around the constant chords. Ghoul'n Around begins as a more straightforward indie pop anthem that ends up retreating to a similar contemplative ambience felt in the aforementioned song. The third song, To The Dirt is guided by Ford's voice and an intricate yet addictively catchy, repetitive guitar melody, overall sounding like a laid-back band practice on a rainy day.

Not tuned by Nova Joven

Ghoul'n around by Nova Joven

To the dirt by Nova Joven


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Prince Rama Announce New Album

Prince Rama will be dropping Trust Now, their fifth full-length album, on October 4th again on Animal Collective's Paw Tracks record label.

Tracklisting :

1 - Golden Silence

2 - Incarnation

3 - Portaling

4 - Rest In Peace

5 - Summer of Love

6 - Trust

This was taken from Primavera Sound 2011 this past May in Barcelona. I'm unsure of the title but I assume it will be on Trust Now.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Foot Village

Foot Village is an experimental quartet from LA. With only a drum kit, a megaphone, and a lot of shouting, the band creates a heavy tribal, post-punk, raw acoustic sound. Their sound palette, as well as the theme of their lyrics, is seemingly based on the concept of a post-apocalyptic situation. The cassette version of World Fantasy
was Crash Symbols' first release, where I originally discovered the band. I've been really into them ever since.

Below is a 16 minute journey, "Let Bebongs Be Bongs, Idiot" which will appear on a split with West African group Super Khoumeissa on FatCat Records due July 11th.

A - Foot Village - Let Bebongs Be Bebongs, Idiot by FatCat Records

Taken from FatCat, the band describes the piece as being "about being young and listening to records in the middle of the night with your friends; the type of experience that creates ineffable bonds of friendship while on psychic journeys."

Above is footage of Foot Village's "T.A.K.E." from the album Anti-Magic, with the end of the video trailing into "Bebong". It was shot by Bez Martinen last week in Indio, CA.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Loud Valley

Loud Valley is a folk band from Orlando, Florida. I caught them live back in March at Total Bummer in Tallahassee, Florida. Their set was really remarkable with the energy of six musicians on stage, three part harmonies, and great melodies. Half of the time they teeter on a doo-wap swing influence, while the reverb drenched presence of percussion and vocals could be compared vaguely to modern bands like Fleet Foxes.

A month ago Loud Valley released a video for their track "Daytona Beach", the last track of their self-titled album posted above. Made of spring break footage shot in Florida in 1982.

Also be sure to check out Travis and Artie's side project, Fever.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tree Hopping - Dance Band

Tree Hopping has just released Dance Band, a collection of four live songs redone from The Beat Band and one new one "Nervous" which will be recorded and released on a split with Messy Sparkles. When Gabriel lost his work files for The Beat Band, he had to remake all the different elements of each song in order to play live.

Below, check out a video created by Eddie Roqueta (Forest Clay) of live clips from two Tree Hopping shows for the song "Whatever, Dude".


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Say "No!" to Architecture

Our stop in Baltimore led me to the discovery of Say "No!" to Architecture. Until recently a Brooklyn based project, Say "No!" To Architecture announced they were Richmond based. The band is headed by Alynka Roizman accompanied by drummer and Impose contributor Derek Evers. We opened up the show, followed by Dead Drums (Lands & Peoples side project), Say "No!" to Architecture, and Moss of Aura (Future Island's side project). Every band was a two-piece with the exception of soloist Gerrit Welmers, Moss of Aura. It was interesting to see the contrast between each duo's approach to a live performance. Say "No!" to Architecture created minimal jams based on live looping a few drums, tape players, and guitar. The sound was created in the moment, even the manipulation of a cassette player acted just as an instrument rather than a sampler recalling pre-recorded loops. They played visuals on a small television synced to their set.

Say "No!" to Architecture's 7" release Time of the Wolf is availabe through Impose Magazine.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Two People Playing Music

Two People Playing Music is a duo from Whittier, North Carolina whom formed in Northwest Florida. I caught their set at Total Bummer 2011. It's interesting that each of them sit down, one behind a drum set and one with surrounded by a semi-circle of keyboards. Their technical progressions touch on math rock feels and slight jazz. The sight is engaging, as the keyboardist twists and turns shifting hands from keyboard to keyboard.

On Two People Playing Music's album, While No One Is Watching, the two experiment more with sounds adding glockenspiel and various synths.

Stream or purchase While No One Is Watching on their bandcamp.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sea Things

Sea Things is the project of Michael Floering from Sarasota, Florida. Sea Things is characterized by glitchy beats, bedroom tinkerings, and underwater synths. In some places I feel his music crosses over aspects that Sumsun explores. Interesting enough, Sumsun has recently remixed Michael's song "Sad Girl".

Below is the music video to "Ferns" edited by Steph Davidson who has also made a video for Zach Hill of Hella's solo project. Colorful, breathing, dancing 3D polygons. It's one of the most remarkable videos I've seen in quite some time. It reminds me of Viernes' "Swimmer's Ear" video by Nathan Schroeder.

Make sure you go download See Thangs for free on bandcamp.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

mp3: Sumsun - Lulla Drone

Sumsun has released a new demo titled "Lulla Drone" that will be included on an upcoming tape. With Sumsun's earlier works being heavily beat based, it's interesting to see a well crafted glittery ballad absent of any percussion.

Lulla Drone Demo by Sumsun

Sumsun has been busy remixing dozens of tracks, including Sleigh Bells, ANR, Sea Things, and Hard Mix; keep checking back on SoundCloud for the latest demos and remixes by Sumsun.




Monday, April 18, 2011

Orchal & Vir

Orchal & Vir is an experimental band headed by Tristan Whitehill and Kane Pour from Gainesville, Florida. Recently performing live at Total Bummer 2011 in Tallahassee and last Friday at the Laboratory in Gainesville, they performed as a four piece, including David Levesque of Levek and Jason Gottfried on vibraphone and drums on their set. Orchal & Vir make slighlty jazzy, synth-beat heavy technical jams that are set in an underwater environment. Be on the look out for an EP coming this May on Elestial Sound and check out "Ospreys and Mollasses" below.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Oh Fortuna Songs

Oh Fortuna have released two new songs from their upcoming EP Frosted Tips due by summertime on Wonder Beard Tapes. "Tetherball" is a quick pop song under two minutes in length. I really like JT's vocals on this track. "Iota" begins with a more tribal-like feel and quickly becomes the most addictive J-Pop feeling track. Both songs retain the great synth, beat, and subtle acoustic guitar sounds a joyful folk-like qualities from of Fireworks of Electric Love, yet they're definitely taking it to a new direction. It's hard to tell from these two tracks alone; I'm excited to hear Frosted Tips as a whole.

Tetherball by Oh Fortuna

Iota by Oh Fortuna

Oh Fortuna will be embarking on an east coast tour with Sumsun from late April to mid-May. Keep yours eyes pealed for Oh Fortuna and Sumsun coming to a city near you very soon.



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