Monday, July 25, 2011

Mutual Spirits

Mutual Spirits is a split release by Mutual Benefit and Holy Spirits; it is the first full length on Father/Daughter Records, whom also serves as a home for Gainesville bud Levek's 7" Look On The Bright Side released last year.

Mutual Spirits is decorated with wonderful acoustic textures--marimba, kalimba, acoustic guitar, stick taps, floor toms, violin, toy piano, banjo, tambourine, and more.

Mutual Benefit's side explores more in the electric realm on songs like "Future House Show" and "Brownsman", with lush keyboard bliss explosions previously found on I Saw The Sea. "Exit" may remind you of Levek (in a Mutual Benefit kind of way), but "No Names" and "Wishing" are strikingly familiar, with melodies passed down in gorgeous, bright folk ballads, yet approached in a new, unique way.

Holy Spirits' side borders on the edge of experimental folk rock. Songs like "Open the Sparrow" and "Handmade Sun" may be something for fans of Fleet Foxes via Grizzly Bear. Holy Spirits offers a refreshing new sound with some remarkable guitar work on "I'll Not Become", powerful arrangements in the aforementioned songs, and a tribal feeling throughout, emphasized most on "To the Shore". These songs build off the work previously shown on The Afternoon's Blood EP released last April.

Below check out the kaleidoscopic music video of "To the Shore" by Brianna Olson.

Purchase the Mutual Spirits vinyl from Father/Daughter Records.

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