Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Breakfast Mountain - HOOOODED

Another find from the fmly, BREAKFAST MOUNTAIN is an electronic group out of Portland. A nice mixture of bliss beats , 8-bit electronics, and hip-hop. Interesting song ideas and editing techniques on each track. "HOOOODED" is worth checking out.

Breakfast Mountain - Mot a Mot
Breakfast Mountain - Ice Cream Mountain


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Videos from Winter Tour

these are a few videos from the tour we did with Totally Nebular in December. it was really fun to travel to all those places and play.

Above is us playing in Gainesville with Totally Nebular and birdfeeder
thank you to Think Narratively for filming

^ totally nebular at the daacha gallery

this was in jacksonville, thanks weston for filming.

totally nebular in tampa, really good show with diamond man and alien overmind.

Truman Peyote

Thank you to the fmly for this find. I was really blown away when listening to Light-Lightning last night, like the most I've been blown away in a long time. Truman Peyote , out of Boston MA, is what to keep your eye on.

To explain their sound, they go through fits of crazy electronics and waves of ambience, then they organize into dancier pop songs. This band blends the right elements together to really create something refreshing. At times there's a lot of focus on the changing timbres of noises and then shifts into more about the progression of song structure, ranging from spacey landscapes and feelings to physical instruments and vocals. Etheral and magical, hyper and engaging.

They've sold out of their original CD-R release of Light-Lightning, but a 12" LP of the release is on the way.
Caleb told me he just started Breakfast of Champs Record it's worth checking out.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Michelle Blades

From Miami, currently out of Phoenix, Michelle Blades is a songwriter who throws together folk, experimental, and pop. Her tracks are mixed really well, and the use of stringed instruments throughout her music is really cool. Interesting magical sounds come in every once awhile with a thicker mix of sounds. Her voice, all the strings, rhythms, everything is just really percise. She has just released her album Oh, Nostalgia! and it is free to stream on Think Indie. It appears she is planning to book a west coast tour so keep looking back at her page.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Diamond Man

While we were on tour with Totally Nebular, we played with Diamond Man in Tampa at Mojo Books and Records. I picked up the last copy the store had of Diamond Man's self-released Into the Gulf. Then I got to see them perform, really impressive. Good sounds, guitar, live electronics, pretty laid-back, it was one of the best performances I've seen live.

Into the Gulf is a collection of six songs that the three recorded on a four-track in 2009. It's got some great melody to it, and at some points some of the noises remind me of Black Dice. Really good stuff I recommend contacting them and trying to get one of the last remaining copies of this release.

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