Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Foxes in Fiction & Galleries - Borders

Foxes in Fiction recently put out a new EP, on his own Orchid Tapes cassette label, titled Alberto, and yes it's named after our friend from Viernes. I've posted a few things about Galleries before, which is Alberto's solo project. Warren from Foxes in Fiction dedicated the EP to Alberto because he was the first person who brought him down to New York for some shows while Viernes was touring. The two collaborated on a track previously, you can find it on Galleries' bandcamp, and finally they collab'd on this new song "Borders". Check out the video as well, and make sure to download Alberto by Foxes in Fiction.

Foxes in Fiction & Galleries - Borders (via You Know You Owe Me)



Saturday, December 25, 2010

Two New Tree Hopping Songs For The Holidays

From the man who brought you the groovy, tropical, sample-based Beat Band, Gabriel Berrios, aka Tree Hopping, has released two new songs for the holidays. Reverse guitar... flowly, noisey instrumentals... no tropicalness.... the faintest hint of melancholy? Tree Hopping is definitely not branding himself, instead leaping into a more textured-indie-pop sound. I'm loving these two tracks and can't wait to hear what he'll do next (more on the way).

Tree Hopping - hullahoop

Tree Hopping - those pictures of you at school



Wednesday, December 22, 2010

VIDEO: The Dewars - Merry Go Round (live)

This is one of my favorite songs from West Palm Beach natives The Dewars. This is an especially good performance of the song, performed at The Bluebird Theatre in Denver, on their recent tour with Surfer Blood. The glockienspiel makes the song for me, which I think is being played by Lake Worth legend Steev Rullman in this video.

Make sure to download Songs From The Neverglades by the Dewars off their bandcamp.

Evan Mui currently plays bass for the Dewars. He has his own solo folk project which is definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of Elliott Smith.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Contact

I Contact is an experimental band from Gainesville, Florida. Their dark, reverby sound, ranging from post-rockiness to more cut-and-paste droney lofi, goes well with their description of themselves as blue punk, swamp noise.

I Contact - Destroying I
I Contact - Our Night

Above is the first two songs off of their three-track self-titled EP. The Fall is the final song and also really great, worth checking out. It's free, along with their first release, over at their bandcamp.

If you've been into Floridian bands :smokesignal: or Young Egypt, you may be into I Contact.



Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Boswellians

The Boswellians are a new four-piece chamber pop band from Gainesville, Florida. I got a chance to see them last night at an event organized by the members of Fine Print, a University of Florida newspaper. Their sound brings me back to the age of Swing and Big Band; while the Boswellians aren't a very large band nor do they use horns or classical instruments, they do retain some of elements from decades long past. These are some really talented musicians, great female vocals and piano riffs.

The Boswellians - Don't Wait For Me

The Boswellians - Warm Inside

Download the rest of the four-song EP And How! on bandcamp.

Expect some new songs from these guys in the coming months.



Friday, December 10, 2010

VIDEO: Cerebellum/Woo

Above is our video for the first two tracks off of Psyche Cycles, being released by Crash Symbols on December 21st.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

VIDEO: Sumsun - Wind Stone (live)

Above is Sumsun's live performance of "Wind Stone" off of Samo Milagro. Joining Judson is Edwin who has made remixes under The Get, including a remix of our song Asipop. Supposedly Edwin is going to be performing in Sumsun from now on, which is really exciting. This was at Art Deco Center in Miami Beach last weekend. The projections were made by Morphologic Studios and Jamie Harley. This is a pretty decent quality being that it was taken from a phone.



Wednesday, December 8, 2010

mp3: Alien House - Up Up

Alien House is a new project led by Diamond Man's Justin Myers currently consisting of Mono Lakes member Anthony Tarallo. Justin has a solo project called Alien Painter, but Alien House is a different project, performing as a duo live. The vibe of the song "Up Up" reminds me a lot of the new release Diamond Man Travels, but it is definitely through a different vein. Check out AlienHouse performing "Up Up" live last Thursday at Attached Hand's record release show at Will's Pub and look for more from these dudes in the future.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

God Boat

God Boat is the side project of Weston Mansfield from the band Totally Nebular currently residing in Gainesville, Florida. While Totally Nebular have been sort of inactive with shows, God Boat and Tree Hopping have been doing collaborative sets live where they play on each other's songs. At the Trash To Treasure event in Pompano Beach, Florida two weeks ago, God Boat and Tree Hopping gave out a super limited split release with hand drawings featuring 3 songs from each band (including "bird road" by Tree Hopping I posted a week or so ago).

We've gotten a break down of Totally Nebular's sound from Tree Hopping and Forest Clay in the past, and while God Boat has put out some short releases in the past, this is pretty much the first look into Weston's side of music making. I've heard Oregano In My Yard played twice now and I'm really into it. This was the first time I heard Shore and was blown away, such an amazing track with all those high-pitched magical textures and interesting arrangement of sound.

These are tracks from God Boat's full-length release Beautiful Caps, hopefully coming out by the end of the year or soon thereafter.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Great Deceivers

Great Deceivers are an indie rock band from Orlando, Florida. I caught their live set at the end of November at the Trash to Treasure event in Pompano Beach, Florida. Nice vocals and harmonies, two awesome guitar players, steady bass, and a talented drummer make these guys worth catching live.

House Of Stairs is a 10-song release from the band, check it out on their Bandcamp.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

mp3: Maximino - Give Back Our Sun

Maximino just put out a new song called Give Back Our Sun, which is a slightly more spacey take off from their release Blue Jay with subtle electronics. Theatric, loungey, and well put together. I especially like the cymbal used sparingly throughout the song.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Discovery Of Magnetic North

Discovery Of Magnetic North are an experimental duo from Orlando, Florida. Under the description of their album Diving Belle on CdBaby, the music is described as "Psychedelic electronics with a heavy mix of organic texture and occasional guitars and vocals. Weathered soundtracks for forgotten memories." I got the chance to check them out last Thursday at Attached Hands' release show for their 7" with Truman Peyote. The lineup included a Diamond Man side project Alien Painter, Dark Sea of Awareness, Discovery Of Magnetic North, us, and Attached Hands. The show was at Will's Pub, the place to play if you looking to play Orlando. Discovery of Magnetic North had really interesting projections, and they switched through different 'modes' of songs, some more vocal driven, one where one of the guys played bass guitar, and electronics. Their set fit in nice with the blissful tones of Dark Sea of Awarness as well as the more aggressive noise of Attached Hands.

Discovery Of Magnetic North - Catacombs

Discovery Of Magnetic North - Picture Talking Dictionary

Although this is a short clip, below is a video of a Discovery Of Magnetic North performance, just to get an idea of what they're like live.


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