Thursday, July 22, 2010

Young Egypt

Young Egypt is an experimental band from St Petersburg, Florida. At times their sound gives me a feeling like the drawn out darker noise experimental parts of old Mars Volta albums. With delaying whole 4 measures or more on the vocals it quickly makes insane feelings, something relative Gang Gang Dance. If you're into High Wolf, Healthy Animal or Off Balance Atlas, you may enjoy their tunes. They've performed on 88.5 WMNFs Artful Dodgins radio segment out of Tampa, which comprises a lot of their Soundcloud music player posted below.

From their website, the band describes themselves:
'Young Egypt began as a recording project and it was uncertain whether it would evolve beyond the studio. On several instances, Phil and Jefff performed live as duo, but it was a semi-awkward enterprise until Randolph joined the collective. Robert was intrigued by Young Egypt’s first set of recordings and he quickly offered to master the tracks free of charge. He was also eager to see Young Egypt evolve beyond a recording project into a fully functioning band joining as a fulltimer in Sept. Rather than pursue the normal avenues for bands, Young Egypt first tested their material in the local poetry scene. This would become known as the “December open mic binge.” By the end of January, Young Egypt began playing a number of free, all-ages shows in Central and West Central Florida with other various Florida experimental music groups. '

Latest tracks by Young Egypt

Phil has told me about a grouping they have started called 727 Experimental bringing new ideas about music and art to St Petersburg. Keep in an eye out for events associated with this group.


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