Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Past Two Days

Saturday we played at a house show our friend Eamon Ford set up, it was fun we played with Emily Reo, Levek, and Dark Sea of Awareness. It was also sort of a potluck and there was a lot of delicious food. Harold, one of the guys that lives there, is a food genius and made the best vegan almond cookies. A lot of good food and good people...and good music.

Each of their sets were really great. Levek, playing solo as opposed to his whole band, used a loop pedal--with it he would start beatboxing (which he is really good at) and then layering melody from guitar, keyboard, or whatever. It ended up sounded really full and amazing, he really has mastered using a loop pedal.

Next Dark Sea of Awareness played, his set always being slightly different. He makes use of a Kaoss Pad, an Electribe, and a guitar through a multieffect pedal. At times it is something you could probably dance too with electrobeats and synth sounds, and other times it's mediative and really ambient. After we went, Emily Reo played with Levek doing drums as well as Kenzie. It was interesting to hear her set with them adding percussion atop her songs.

Last night we played at Club Sandwich, a little warehouse space in Lake Worth rented by CJ and Jordan which make up three great bands Love Handles / Copy City Chill Pillars / Freak Church. The show included The Dewars, Normal American Sex, The Band in Heaven, Guy Harvey, and us.

The Dewars played with two guitars, bass, and drums tonight. Their sets always vary a member or two and can sound drastically different with acoustic or electric guitars and whatever else instrument accompaning, and I like hearing all the different sides of them very much. Kevin (Totem Pole) played drums for them, but he also played guitar and did backup vocals in the band Normal American Sex, a fairly new band composed also of JP and TJ of Surfer Blood and another dude doing bass. It was great to hear them, it was pretty much their 2nd show and they played really good. They've got some same melody construction as Surfer Blood but JP plays keys and so that is a big part of the sound.

Well...not sure what else to say...both shows were awesome and a lot of great bands played, I recommend if you haven't heard of some of the bands mentioned above you check them out.

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