Friday, July 16, 2010

High Wolf

High Wolf is a solo project (but seemingly more live). The sounds are made with percussion, guitar, keyboard, vocals, and other things in particular ways. Euphoric (yet sometimes really creepy), made of lofi loops slowly progressing. You make dig this if you're into Sun Araw, Attached Hands, or Off Balance Atlas.

High Wolf's "Bizzare Moonlight"

Check out this awesome live performance from a show with Pocahaunted in Paris.

High Wolf has released on Moamoo , an independent label from Tokyo worth checking out. Their focus is on imaginative sounds, more experimental things. Lucky Dragons have released material on Moamoo and Sumsun is about to.

He has released tapes/vinyl on Not Not Fun Records.

This interview from Fairtilizer is worth reading to learn more about High Wolf.



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