Friday, June 11, 2010

Attached Hands

Expermentalists focused more on soundscapes than reproducing pop songs, Orlando-based Attached Hands are worth looking into. We recently did a show with them in Orlando at Uncle Lou's and brought them down, (more thanks to Steev Rullman and Sumsun) to play in Lake Worth at Propaganda shortly after that.

Their live performance might hit you like Black Dice but slightly more forgiving on your eardrums. The two members stations themselves at a long table covered in wires and electronics; one has a collection of these paper sample cards that he slides slowly through a machine that reproduces the sounds, never seen anyone use something like that for a live performance. The other is constantly turning knobs, playing different keyboards and triggering samples. The experience is very much about falling into the sound that fills the room and looping visuals with extended periods of time meditating on one idea or main element. The recorded tracks render the experience into a faster progression but is true to the zone it puts you in.

attached hands - versatility of movement

buy/versatility of movement

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