Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Viernes - Sinister Devices

Recent signees to Kanine Records, Viernes is a duo (trio live) from Winter Park, Florida. I got their vinyl when we went up to their album release at The Social in Orlando, where Levek, Chromatic Flights, and Emily Reo also performed. Viernes' performance was not very reminiscent of "Swimmer's Ear", the first song I heard from them and the only one available for download for awhile. Swimmer's Ear was this hypnotic electronic instrumental type sound and their live performance was based on electric guitar, bass, keys, vocals, and drums. So now that I'm finally hearing the album in its entirety it makes sense.

While the album seems to take some leads from label-mates Grizzly Bear, Viernes have a sound all of their own, combinding a love for vocal harmonies, dreamy synths, fuzz, electrobeats, and layers of melody. At times the jingles of magical bells and blissful synths come in and out, with guitars laid atop the whole thing; other moments are filled with electronic blips and horns. All the layers of sound meld together seamlessly with watery reverb. Each song is well constructed with progressive arrangements and different sounds in each. Some songs are thick with a full blend wet fuzzy sound the entire time and others play on an eerie type of negative space/silence/bareness. The album has enough excitement for active listening but at the same time is dreamy enough to relax and zone out in.

Viernes - Swimmer's Ear
Viernes - Honest Parade

If you're in the area, catch Viernes with Hear Hums July 30th at Propaganda in Lake Worth, Florida.


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