Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Recently I downloaded "Cities Vs. Submarines" by railcars, the experimental project of Aria Jalali out San Fran/LA California. I had found railcars randomly one day when browsing through kria brekkan's friends on myspace. The music is all really bit-crushed lofi sounding, and all melodic indie melodies. At some points it reminds me of Sunset Rubdown with less rock and more noise, and all about electronics.
The two songs featured are from the release "Cities Vs. Submarines", I have linked to his newest release as well, titled "Cathedral With No Eyes". The live shows seem to be pretty amazing, with his friend Sam Farzin adding to the music and his friend Fez working the visuals. If you're in California you can catch some of railcars' last performances in November, a few in January, and then a whole European tour.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Houston Davis Jones - Projected Living

Projected Living is the second release from Houston Davis Jones--a composer from West Palm Beach, Florida. The album is layered with intricate instrumentation and the lyrics are themed with the concept of well.."projected living". Each song on Projected Living has incredible arrangements. The two songs featured are probably my favorite on the album, both create such vivid moods; the way they flow from one to the next is soooo good.

1 Baktun Makanda
2 Projected Living
3 Everything, Forever
4 Song For The Sun
5 Time Heals All Wounds
6 Eyes Of A Dreamer
7 Course Of Conversation
8 We Are Who We Are
9 Together (As Friends Or As Lovers)
10 In Good Time
11 Living Projected
12 Breaking Waves, Passing Clouds...

Houston Davis Jones -- Living Projected
Houston Davis Jones -- Breaking Waves, Passing Clouds...


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Summer Make Good

Múm - Summer Make Good

A satisfying and really themed follow-up to Finally We Are No One before Kría Brekkan left the band.

1. Hú Hviss - A Ship
2. Weeping Rock, Rock
3. Nightly Cares
4. The Ghosts You Draw On My Back
5. Stir
6. Sing Me Out The Window
7. The Island of Children's Children

8. Away

9. Oh, How the Boat Drifts

10. Small Deaths Are the Saddest

11. Will the Summer Make Good for All of Our Sins?

12. Abandonded Ship Bells

Múm - Weeping Rock, Rock
Múm - The Island of Childrens Children

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Run DMT is an experimental project out of Baltimore, Maryland. I downloaded Run DMT's Bong Voyage a few weeks ago, it's a collection of songs a minute long on average; each is a pretty good idea and the short length keeps it from being a long drown. The mix is low quality, which works for Run DMT's style, but at times it's a little distracting. There is an interesting blend of euphoric ambience, psychedelic, and pop to these tracks, and the whole thing is pretty cohesive without everything sounding completely the same.
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