Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gobble Gobble

Gobble Gobble is a glitchy dancey band from Canada. Right now, they're embarking on a cross country American tour, and this weekend they stopped into Gainesville for a show with Totally Nebular, Oh Fortuna, and Waylon Thorton at the Spin Cycle. Their live performance was pretty incredible, they weren't playing music so much as hyping the crowd with the spectale of shirtless men in dresses dancing around playing with toys and interacting with the audience. They had a makeshift drum kit built of paint buckets and other wild found objects. The experience compared with flamboyant lavishness of an "of Montreal" show.
On August 23rd, Gobble Gobble released physical copies of their Neon Graveyards LP and Lawn Knives "7 via Royal Rhino Flying, both of wish are available for free download digitally.

GOBBLE GOBBLE - Lawn Knives 7”

GOBBLE GOBBLE - Neon Graveyard LP

I thought it was crazy to hear Battlehooch is on a four month long tour... well Gobble Gobble seems to be pushing the five month marker! Here's a list of shows they've done and are scheduled to do, updated last on August 21st. Check back on their myspace blog for the most up-to-date tour schedule.

Saturday, June 5th Edmonton, AB Castle Awesome*
Sunday, June 6th Calgary, AB Marquee Room*
Monday, June 7th Calgary, AB The Fun House*
Wednesday, June 9th Lethbridge, AB The NAAG*
Thursday, June 10th Canmore, AB Canmore Hotel*
Friday, June 11th Vancouver, BC Goody Warehouse*
Saturday, June 12th Victoria, BC The 50 50*
Sunday, June 13th Victoria, BC The Ramp*
Monday, June 14th Kelowna, BC Blue Gator*
Tuesday, June 15th Nelson, BC The Boy House*
Wednesday, June 16th Devon, AB Legion Hall*
Friday, June 18th Northern Alberta North Country Fair*
Saturday, June 19th Northern Alberta North Country Fair
Sunday, June 20th Northern Alberta North Country Fair
Saturday, July 3rd Calgary, AB Weird Canada / Sled Island BBQ at Tubby Dog
Sunday, July 4th Winnipeg, MB Rudolf Rocker Cultural Centre*
Monday, July 5th Thunder Bay, ON The Apollo*
Tuesday, July 6th Thessalon, ON Auld Kirk Arts
Thursday, July 8th Toronto, ON !059 Epic Party*
Friday, July 9th Waterloo, ON The Screaming Fish^
Saturday, July 10th Guelph, ON The Upper Deck^
Sunday, July 11th London, ON Alanna's House^
Monday, July 12th Kingston, ON Mystery Apartment^
Tuesday, July 13th Peterborough, ON The Spill
Wednesday, July 14th Montreal, QC The Playhouse
Friday, July 16th Quebec, QC OFF Festival
Saturday, July 17th Fredericton, NB BOOM!
Monday, July 19th Halifax, NS House Party~
Tuesday, July 20th Charlottetown, PEI The Alibi~
Wednesday, July 21st Springhill, NS Springhill Skatepark~
Thursday, July 22nd Fredericton, NB Farmer's Market~
Friday, July 23rd Antigonish, NS EVOLVE Festival~
Saturday, July 24th Antigonish, NS EVOLVE Festival~
Monday, July 26th Toronto, ON Brohaus
Tuesday, July 27th Batchawana Bay, ON Beach Party
Wednesday, July 28th Thunder Bay, ON Will's House
Thursday, July 29th Winnipeg, MB GOODFORM
Friday, July 30th Saskatoon, SK Amigo's
Saturday, July 31st Calgary, AB Jesse + Marki's Wedding!
Sunday, August 1st Edmonton, AB The ARTery
Tuesday, August 3rd Calgary, AB Tubby Dog
Wednesday, August 4th Missoula, MT BSMT
Thursday, August 5th Sheridan/Cheyenne, WY Sheridan Inn
Friday, August 6th Colorado Springs, CO House Party
Saturday, August 7th Denver, CO Woodsman's Lodge
Sunday, August 8th Fort Collins, CO Artlab`
Monday, August 9th W South Jordan, UT House show`
Tuesday, August 10th Reno, NV The Closet`
Wednesday, August 11th Santa Cruz, CA Secret Epic Forest Party`
Thursday, August 12th San Francisco, CA Milk`+
Friday, August 13th San Francisco, CA Anthony's Garage'+
Saturday, August 14th Los Angeles, CA Willem's Mansion'+
Monday, August 16th Irvine, CA Acrobatics Everyday`+
Tuesday, August 17th Los Angeles, CA Thesex Warehouse Party`+
Wednesday, August 18th San Diego, CA The Tin Can`+

Saturday, August 21st Albuquerque, NM Wunderkind
Sunday, August 22nd Paris, TX Josh's House
Monday, August 23rd Denton, TX Majestic Dwelling of Doom
Tuesday, August 24th Dallas, TX Fallout Lounge
Wednesday, August 25th Austin, TX Lupe's House
Thursday, August 26th Oxford, MS Cats Purring Party c/o Dent May
Friday, August 27th Atlanta, GA The Drunken Unicorn
Saturday, August 28th Gainesville, FL Spin Cycle Bike Co-Op=
Sunday, August 29th St Augustine, FL The Nest=
Monday, August 30th Jacksonville, FL TBA=
Tuesday, August 31st Orlando, FL BBQ Bar=
Wednesday, September 1st Savannah, GA Keenan's House
Thursday, September 2nd Charleston, SC Andolinis"
Friday, September 3rd Florence, SC The Cootie Hut"
Saturday, September 4th Wilmington, NC Gravity Records"
Sunday, September 5th Charlotte, NC Top Girls' House"
Monday, September 6th Morgantown, VA Demain
Tuesday, September 7th Washington, DC PLZ HELP
Wednesday, September 8th Baltimore, MD The Hexagon
Thursday, September 9th NJ TBA
Friday, September 10th Philadelphia, PA The Ox
Saturday, September 11th New York, NY TBA
Sunday, September 12th New York, NY Glasslands
Tuesday, September 14th Middletown, CT PLZ HELP
Wednesday, September 15th Allston, MA Wadzilla
Thursday, September 16th Bennington, Vermont PLZ HELP
Friday, September 17th Montreal, QC TBA
Saturday, September 18th Waterloo, ON The Starlight
Sunday, September 19th Guelph, ON The Magic Attic
Monday, September 20th Grand Rapids, MI The Big Empty
Tuesday, September 21st Lakewood (Cleveland), OH Believeland
Wednesday, September 22nd Athens, OH Spencer/M/F Howws
Thursday, September 23rd Ann Arbor, MI Kohwi's House
Friday, September 24th Detroit, MI Sparklewood
Saturday, September 25th Windsor, ON The Phog
Sunday, September 26th Toronto, ON TBA
Monday, September 27th London, ON Rob and Amy's House
Tuesday, September 28th Peterborough, ON The Spill
Wednesday, September 29th POP Montreal
Thursday, September 30th POP Montreal
Friday, October 1st POP Montreal
Saturday, October 2nd POP Montreal
Sunday, October 3rd POP Montreal
Monday, October 4th Buffalo, NY TBA
Tuesday, October 5th Kingston, QC TBA
Wednesday, October 6th Wakefield, QC TBA
Thursday, October 7th Quebec, QC TBA
Friday, October 8th Fredericton, NB The Capital
Saturday, October 9th Halifax, NS TBA
Sunday, October 10th Halifax, NS TBA
Monday, October 11th Halifax, NS Moosehead Monday @ Dartmouth
Tuesday, October 12th Corner Brook, NL TBA
Wednesday, October 13th GF-W, NL TBA
Thursday, October 14th St Johns, NL TBA
Friday, October 15th Stephenville, NB TBA
Saturday, October 16th Sackville, NB 18 Allison
Sunday, October 17th Portland, ME PLZ HELP
Monday, October 18th Worcester, MA PLZ HELP
Tuesday, October 19th CMJ - New York, NY
Wednesday, October 20th CMJ - New York, NY
Thursday, October 21st CMJ - New York, NY
Friday, October 22nd CMJ - New York, NY
Saturday, October 23rd CMJ - New York, NY
Sunday, October 24th New York, NY CMJ Relax
Monday, October 25th Pittsburgh, PA PLZ HELP
Tuesday, October 26th Indianapolis, IN PLZ HELP
Wednesday, October 27th Louisville, KY PLZ HELP
Thursday, October 28th Nashville, TN PLZ HELP
Friday, October 29th Springfield, MO Out Land
Saturday, October 30th St. Louis, MO PLZ HELP
Sunday, October 31st Chicago, IL TBA
Monday, November 1st Madison, MN TBA
Tuesday, November 2nd Minneapolis, MN TBA
Wednesday, November 3rd Fargo, ND PLZ HELP
Thursday, November 4th Winnipeg, MB GOODFORM
Friday, November 5th Regina, SK TBA
Saturday, November 6th Calgary, AB The Funhouse
Sunday, November 7th Lethbridge, AB TBA
Monday, November 8th Kelowna, BC TBA
Tuesday, November 9th Abbottsford, BC TBA
Wednesday, November 10th Victoria, BC TBA
Thursday, November 11th Vancouver, BC TBA
Friday, November 12th Seattle, WA PLZ HELP
Saturday, November 13th Olympia, WA PLZ HELP
Sunday, November 14th Portland, OR Dunes
Monday, November 15th Spokane, WA PLZ HELP
Wednesday, November 17th Nelson, BC TBA
Thursday, November 18th Canmore, AB Canmore Hotel
Friday, November 19th Leduc, AB GARAGE
Saturday, November 20th Edmonton, AB TBA
Sunday, November 21st Devon, AB Legion Hall


Monday, August 30, 2010

Galleries New Songs

Galleries (aka Alberto from Viernes) has been busy working on some new material. Heavily loop based, Alberto has been excited by repetition and playing with that element in these new tracks. The first track "Galaxy" is only streamable, but "Disconnected/Connected" is available for free download so make sure to get it off bancamp.

<a href="http://galleries.bandcamp.com/album/galaxy">Galaxy by Galleries</a>

<a href="http://galleries.bandcamp.com/track/disconnected-connected">Disconnected/Connected by Galleries</a>

Other projects worth checking out of Alberto's

Science Center
Young Brother
Father Figure


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lighthouse Music

Lighthouse Music is a dynamically complex band from St Augustine, Florida. A few nights ago I saw them for the second time, at The Church Of Holy Colors in Gainesville. The band consists of at least six core members, who navigate an array of instruments from song to song, each well versed in horns, keys, percussion, and strings. Most songs have intricate melodies intertwined in each other, sometimes meeting at a same note while they move throughout scales, sometimes two bass players or two percussionists, always some intense horns, smooth keys, and a nice progressive arrangement. To fully comprehend the experience, they project black and white films to bridge the connection from how their perceive their world to ours, with their most recent show using the film "π".

The songs they've recorded just don't do the live set justice, and so I'll find out what their future plans are for recording, until then, check out some live videos which capture a decent representation of their talent.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jane Jane Pollock

Jane Jane Pollock is an experimentalish popish band from Tallahassee, Florida. I got a chance to see them last night at The Church of Holy Colors in Gainesville on their tour with arguably the best live band I've ever seen Lighthouse Music.

The songs below are from their album Tar. The album was recorded back in 2008. It reaches a few different worlds, stretching their focus from more colorful tones and instruments--bells, accordian, shakey things, etc--to vocal driven tracks. A more recent release Potluck exemplifies the more vocal driven parts of Tar relying more on folk sensibilities.

Jane Jane Pollock - Sincerely
Jane Jane Pollock - This Is Where I Live

Tar really covers a lot, so I recommend getting a copy of the full album. I definitely recommend also hearing "15 Fingers", "Broken Christmas", and "Empty Nymph Rag", which all seem to flow in an agreeable vein as Lighthouse Music. Try emailing them, maybe they can help get you the rest of the tracks. For more info on what's going on with Jane Jane Pollock, check their myspace or wordpress.

If you live in Florida, catch one of Jane Jane Pollock and Lighthouse Music's last shows on their tour.

Aug 28 2010
The BPC Warehouse St. Augustine, FL

Aug 29 2010
The Engine Room Tallahassee, FL

Sep 4 2010
Sweat Records, Miami, FL



Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tumbleweave - Demon Squeeze

At Indie Summer Festival I was lucky enough to obtain a copy of Tumbleweave's self-released preview of "Demon Squeeze"--a 5 song collection that is a few minutes longer in length than ♪♫♪♫♫♫♪♪♫♪ . I mean, only a few minutes more... this release pushes the 8 minute mark, with the last track being responsible for half that time. Ben says that the completed thing will be longer in length but may possibly still carry the "Demon Squeeze" name. Expect it out sometime next month.

Quick, fun, quirky electro tunes, Demon Squeeze makes variations on previous songs like Mystery Lynch, with the same slightly creepy underlining theme (Pre-Natal Porn [Horny For The Unborn]). While Tumbleweave isn't 8-bit, chiptune, or any outright "video game" music, there is definitely that sort of element to the tracks, which I think is super cool.

Tumbleweave - Pre-Natal Porn (Horny For The Unborn)

Get in contact with Tumbleweave on myspace to see if you can get some more tracks sent your way.

Did I mention their live set is amazing? Although the recordings are all Ben, he's got his old Monsters mate to help him perform live keys and electronics. Check out this live video of Tumbleweave performing at the Spin Cycle in Gainesville.

Monday, August 23, 2010

New Sufjan Stevens EP

Sufjan Stevens is a unqiue boxless artist who doesn't really belong to any scenes or genres, just does what he wants to do with each art project, usually audio, but his last effort was The BQE, a multimedia experience.

Stream the new Sufjan Stevens EP for free on bandcamp, buy for $5.

<a href="http://sufjanstevens.bandcamp.com/album/all-delighted-people-ep">All Delighted People (Original Version) by Sufjan Stevens</a>


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rabbit Punch

Rabbit Punch is beat duo Neal & JT from Gainesville, Florida. We've played with them a few times; they have a great live show, both their own characters, vibin' to their tunes with a lot of stage presence. Posted below, check out Rabbit Punch performing one of my favorite songs, Lemonade Sundream.

At Uncle Lou's in Orlando late one night, Rabbit Punch was playing this song (the video is at the Spin Cycle in Gainesville though), and a man--who was either wasted or floating boundless through the cosmos from a ego-death mescaline experience--was passionately pointing at people and doing some serious karate stances, all evoked by this groovy jam. Posted below is another great beat jam entering the realm of something like a much groovier Ratatat--Munchie Dreadlock--which Rabbit Punch has been playing live for awhile, recently recorded.

Rabbit Punch - Munchie Dreadlock

They play around Gainesville a lot; check back on their myspace page for some future dates.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Spirit Tramp

Spirit Tramp is the solo project of JT Bringardner from Gainesville, Florida. He's also involved in various other projects--namely Oh Fortuna, and Rabbit Punch. Recently he collaborated with Judson Rodgers (aka SUMSUN) and the result is this cool song Tarantula. With Tarantula you can tell Sumsun put his fingerprint on it with spacey beats, whereas Dream Salute is more a chill folky guitar song with some really good subtle echos and voice samples as the song progresses.

Spirit Tramp - Tarantula (feat. Sumsun)

If you're in Gainesville, check out a Spirit Tramp performance September 2nd at Wayward Council.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Avey Tare Interview with Pitchfork

Avey Tare did an interesting interview with Pitchfork that came out the other day. He talked about the new album Down There, what the future beholds for Animal Collective, his creative process, and some personal things in his life.

He's really pushing to describe Down There as a "hell swamp" or a real crocodile/alligator feel to it. Pitchfork says the album is very electronic, even describing some songs as "very dark dubstep". We'll be able to form our ideas October 26; it's being released on Animal Collective's own Paw Tracks label.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sunsoaked video

Lluís Panadès Julià from the UK made a video to Sunsoaked, one of our songs that will be on Psyche Cycles.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Lavola is an indie band from West Palm Beach, Florida.

Below is Lavola's EP titled Black Sea of Trees

<a href="http://lavola.bandcamp.com/album/black-sea-of-trees">The Philosopher's Daughter by LAVOLA</a>

This is a live performance Lavola did at Propaganda in Lake Worth, gotta give props to Steev Rullman and sound engineer Justin.

<a href="http://lavola.bandcamp.com/album/live-at-propaganda">The Queen is Dead (live) by LAVOLA</a>

Catch Lavola live in the upcoming weeks if you're in south Florida.

Aug 20 2010
The Funky Buddha Lounge w/ MODERNESQUE BURLESQUE Boca Raton, FL
Aug 27 2010
Propaganda Lake Worth, Florida
Sep 3 2010
Dada, Delray Beach. LAVOLA and FIGHT BACK! Delray Beach, Florida


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Semi Marxist Like Us 12" (Philip Seymour Hoffman)

FMLY Record's first release will be a 12" by Philip Seymour Hoffman on August 20th.
There will be a cover by Truman Peyote and a remix by EASYBOY. There is a limited 300 hand numbered copies. Preorder it now.

Monday, August 16, 2010

VIDEO: Fiveng - Skin

Panaframe has created another video for Fiveng, this one for their song "Skin". Check out his other videos if you have not yet. Also, on August 23rd, Fiveng will release their debut single, keep an eye out for that.



Sunday, August 15, 2010


Battlehooch is a 6-piece band from San Fransico, California. They make progressive indie music with their own eccentric elements--a fast changing progression with guitars/strings, horns, vocals and little toy-sounding instruments coming in and out.

As written in their bio, "Battlehooch unabashedly walks the line between pop sensibility and avant-garde experimentation, bending the chaotic into the melodic and evoking passionate responses in everyone that hears them."

Battlehooch - Looks You Can't See

Battlehooch are embarking across America doing a lot of shows. They'll be in Orlando playing with us at Will's Pub on August 25th. For the complete list of shows check out their website.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

MoonLasso - Lamplighter

Lamplighter is a free release from Malee Bringardner--MoonLasso.
I've heard her perform these songs live and it's great to hear how they translate into recording. With a melancholy feel to lofi electroacoustic songs, Lamplighter has its upbeat joyful yet tranquil pop moments (such as a cover of Animal Collective's "Summertime Clothes") as well as its dark, distant ones ("Semetary Spector", "Empty Aerials")

<a href="http://moonlasso.bandcamp.com/album/lamplighter">hungry by MoonLasso</a>


Friday, August 13, 2010

New Totally Nebular Songs

Recently, Totally Nebular performed on 88.5 WMNF out of Tampa. They played one of their tracks from Boat Boat "Green Tops", and the other two songs were ones that might possibly be on a new yet-to-be-titled album.

Totally Nebular - Snowmass (live)
Totally Nebular - Sisters (live)

These songs are a nice depature from Boat Boat but still retain what's unique about their sound.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yip Yip

Yip Yip is a duo from Orlando, Florida. Last weekend they played at Indie Summer Festival with Viernes, Tumbleweave, Band In Heaven, Dark Sea of Awareness, us, and a bunch of other really great bands. Their setup is really crazy, check it out in this video below, with them performing their song "Bone Up".

Costumes, a large mass of equipment, strange half video game/foriegn alien noises, they definitely have their own thing going on. And they've been doing this for about a decade now--They've had 10 releases since 2001 and from talking to Brian it sounds like they have another album on the way.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

VIDEO: Balearic Beat ("Cynthia" by MillionYoung)

Lluís Panadès Julià (aka Panaframe) makes really cool videos, recently I posted his video for "Jonah" by Fiveng. He made a video for Cynthia by MillionYoung--the video is called "Balearic Beat".

Catch one of MillionYoung's upcoming shows in August

Aug 14 2010 10:00P
Electric Pickle Miami, Florida

Aug 18 2010 8:00P
Backbooth Orlando, FL

Aug 19 2010 8:00P
Crowbar Tampa, FL

Aug 20 2010 9:00P
The Atlantic Gainesville, FL


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Deakin / Prince Rama Tour

Deakin and Prince Rama are going tour in some cities across America. (Deakin produced Prince Rama's Shadow Temple [due out September 14th on Paw Tracks] with Avey Tare).

Deakin / Prince Rama Tour

09/13 Brooklyn, NY - Glasslands
09/14 Cambridge, MA - Middle East
09/15 Montreal, Quebec - Il Motore
09/16 Toronto, Ontario - Snowball Gallery
09/17 Chicago, IL - Mortville
09/18 Grinnell, IA - Grinnell College Gardner Lounge
09/19 Minneapolis, MN - Triple Rock
09/22 Vancouver, British Columbia - The Cobalt
09/23 Seattle, WA - Vera Project
09/24 Olympia, WA - Northern
09/25 Portland, OR - Mississippi Studios
09/27 Oakland, CA - The New Parish
09/28 Brookdale, CA - Historic Brookdale Lodge
09/29 Los Angeles, CA - Eagle Rock Center For the Arts

Sadly nowhere near Florida... if you're in one of the cities posted above go check out one of their shows it'll really be worth it, Prince Rama's performances are really engaging.

Prince Rama - Om Mane Padme Hum


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Conestyle is a band from Nashville, Tenessee. We played with them over a year ago for Monsters' album release at the Soma Center. They've got an intense, minimal setup--just drums and organ sounding keyboard with the occasional vocal chant or story read off a push-and-play storybook for kids. Obviously from the Monsters reference, they're friends with Tumbleweave, and recently did a show with them in Conestyle's hometown.

Conestyle - Preemptive Karma

Their Organizer EP is pretty engaging, with a lot of hectic drumming (which is a prominent element of Conestyle's sound), and quick part changes. The song posted about is from this release. What I enjoy most about their songs in contrast to what I've been listening to lately is that it sounds like a band--you can tell they can play their instruments--it's got a very real and exciting feel to it (and they've got a killer live performance to back that up).

For fans of Monsters, Tumbleweave, and Hella.

<a href="http://conestyle.bandcamp.com/track/sorry-marvin">Sorry Marvin by Conestyle</a>

The song posted above is from their upcoming full length which is yet to be titled. Expect it sometime around September.

Check out their live performance, this was such a good night.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Chromatic Flights

Chromatic Flights is the solo project of Kyle Wyss from Blind Man's Colour from Saint Petersburg, Florida. Chromatic Flights brings more tropicalness, beats, and a more embraced electronic sound to the table but stays in the vein of Season Dreaming (by Blind Man's Colour). He has a few releases available, the most recent being Too Beautiful for Smiles and another notable one, a little older, from 2009 titled Sunset Bell. Both are lavishly textured with glittery watery sunny good sounds. Download them both for free on his bandcamp page.

<a href="http://chromaticflights.bandcamp.com/album/too-beautiful-for-smiles">Too Beautiful for Smiles by Chromatic Flights</a>



Sunday, August 1, 2010

Avey Tare announces Solo Album, New Gang Gang Dance

On October 26th, Avey Tare from Animal Collective will release his first full length solo album, titled Down There. It will be released on Paw Tracks and was recorded by bandmate Josh Dibb (Deakin).

The tracklisting will be...

01 Laughing Hieroglyphic
02 3 Umbrellas
03 Oliver Twist
04 Glass Bottom Boat
05 Ghost of Books
06 Cemeteries
07 Heads Hammock
08 Heather in the Hospital
09 Lucky 1

Also! Gang Gang Dance will release a new one song EP tomorrow, August 2nd, titled Kamakura. On it, "Amphorous History (Closing Scene)" is a 15 minute song recorded back in 2007. It will be released on limited edition vinyl through Southern Records.

Now Breathers

Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, Now Breathers are a Hardcore/Roots rock band that retreated to the 70s. When they began they were more of an abrasive huge loud sound; they've begun to shift into a more Psychedelic form of rock. With their new song "Come Follow Me Into..." they use some burnt out vibrato and filters with some subtle delay making for a slightly spacey sundaze.

Now Breathers - Come Follow Me Into...

This song was recorded at Club Sandwich, the warehouse music space run by Love Handles. A lot of great shows and musical makings have been done there.

Catch Now Breathers at Bizarre Ave Cafe August 7th for one of several Lake Worth It's after parties. Posted below is a link to download "Groove", Now Breathers' first EP predating new material like the song posted above.


Tumbleweave, Attached Hands, Viernes, The Jameses

Last night we played with Tumbleweave, Attached Hands, Viernes, and The Jameses at Propaganda in Lake Worth. It was a really awesome show everyone's performance was good in its own way. Tumbleweave played quick spastic electroy drum tunes. Attached Hands had noise induced sound jams, nice visuals as well. Viernes had crash and a full sound, a guitar bass keyboard drums setup. The same went for The Jameses, who had zaney riffs and and a lot of energy, super cool tunes.

Below is a collection of performances that last night's bands have done around Florida in the past.

Tumbleweave playing at Club Sandwich, the warehouse run by Love Handles

Attached Hands bought 3D glasses for everyone. Cool experience with the visuals, Steeve (Dark Sea of Awareness) played on his set.

The above video was from a performance Attached Hands did at The Firestone in Orlando with Yip Yip and Melt Banana last November. Below is a video of Dark Sea of Awareness playing at Eamon's house in Orlando at the beginning of July.

This one is the Jameses playing at Propaganda in Lake Worth last May, I love this song.

Here's one of us playing at Churchills in Miami for Summer of Weirds.

Not live but a music video for Swimmer's Ear by Viernes such a good song and the video is too good.

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