Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rabbit Punch

Rabbit Punch is beat duo Neal & JT from Gainesville, Florida. We've played with them a few times; they have a great live show, both their own characters, vibin' to their tunes with a lot of stage presence. Posted below, check out Rabbit Punch performing one of my favorite songs, Lemonade Sundream.

At Uncle Lou's in Orlando late one night, Rabbit Punch was playing this song (the video is at the Spin Cycle in Gainesville though), and a man--who was either wasted or floating boundless through the cosmos from a ego-death mescaline experience--was passionately pointing at people and doing some serious karate stances, all evoked by this groovy jam. Posted below is another great beat jam entering the realm of something like a much groovier Ratatat--Munchie Dreadlock--which Rabbit Punch has been playing live for awhile, recently recorded.

Rabbit Punch - Munchie Dreadlock

They play around Gainesville a lot; check back on their myspace page for some future dates.


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