Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sea Camp

Sea Camp is a new project by Chelsey Bomar. Chelsey has made music under the name Swan Spells for years. As I understand it, Swan Spells is expanding to be a full band, and Sea Camp will be a place for solo experimentation.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Off Balance Atlas - Vivid Transformation

Off Balance Atlas has just released Vivid Transformation. Thanks to Tiny Waves for the tip on this, read Steve Head's words on the album over there.

Forrest (Off Balance Atlas) use to be a part of the Tallahassee scene but months ago moved to New Orleans and has started the uploading photos to his Pyramid Prisim Tumblr.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Praything EP

Today Ju Kovacevich, the mastermind behind the band Praything, has released Her Skin Caught the Glow EP; it is Praything's first official release since 2010's Born EP.

While a few songs on Born had percussion, the new EP is far more beat driven. Ju also drops the use of guitar on Her Skin Caught the Glow completely, other than a textural guitar riff by Ghost Fields' JP Wright on "A Million Lives". Amongst JP and the rest of the crew who aided Ju in this release include singer Sam Moss from Hundred Waters.

You can download Her Skin Caught the Glow EP for free on Bandcamp, but for all the work that went into it, I'm sure Ju would gladly accept a buck or two.

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