Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lighthouse Music - Only Human

Lighthouse Music has just released Only Human via Red Planet Records. Today, artists can use recording and experimenting with editing to create, and then figure out how to play it live. Lighthouse Music are the farthest thing from this. While they did add some interesting things in the studio (like the coins sound on "Change"), the recording is really just archiving their songs. They've been playing these songs for the past few years, and it shows by the dynamic arrangement and song progressions. At first they attempted to do live recordings. After several attempts, they decided instead to record everything track by track. Lighthouse still managed to retain the essence of their live performance on Only Human, adding a more varied, less electric instrument palette (including violin). This album may be compared to efforts by Man Man, and the compositions allude to Miles Davis and Tom Waits influences.

Only Human by Lighthouse Music

Compare "Hip Bop" live with the recording.

Purchase Only Human now through CD Baby.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Tree Hopping From Upcoming Messyhopping

brian sequence by tree hopping

"Brian Sequence" is a new Tree Hopping song from an upcoming split with Messy Sparkles entitled Messyhopping. Gabriel of Tree Hopping designed the cover. Pre-order the cassette now from MJ MJ Records.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Trayer - Afterlife An Abandoned Theme Park

On October 18th, Trayer released Afterlife An Abandoned Theme Park via Porter Records. This album has been in the making for five years, split into found sides. Part four was previously released as a stand-alone collection entitled Liquidation.

In 17 tracks, Trayer wanders in different directions. A partial committment to an IDM song structure is found consistently throughout the album's duration, flip flopping back and forth from effected speech field recordings, found sounds and guitar melodies, to more of an straightforward electronic rhythm based mode.

All of Afterlife An Abandoned Theme Park was composed by Trayer, though other artists, including Nicole, Zach, Felipe, and Paul from Levek contributed instrumentation on various songs. This core group of Levek's previous live band, including Trayer have formed Hundred Waters. They have completed their first full-length and will be be beginning to perform live soon in Gainesville. More to come on Hundred Waters in the next weeks.

Trayer - Amanogawa

Stream a few songs on bandcamp, or download the album for free here. Purchase it on vinyl or CD from Porter Records.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Playlist for Stock-71

This is a playlist I made for Stock-71. It includes music by Sumsun, Woodsman, Dustin Wong, Levek, Prince Rama, God Boat, Mini Prophets, Orchal & Vir, Mutual Benefit, Emily Reo, Jane Jane Pollock, and Blithe Field.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Stream Orchal & Vir's Debut

Orchal & Vir is the ex-duo of Tristan Whitehill and Kane Pour from Gainesville, Florida. Though their debut comes to us after they have retired the project, it does not render the album any less valuable. You can still catch them performing live under their solo projects Euglossine Industries and Kane Pour.

If you like what you hear, purchase it on vinyl or CD from Elestial Sound.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Nicole Miglis Tunes & The Future of This Blog

With other activities demanding my time, and without internet access at my home, I have stepped away from posting on this blog. I would still like to share great music. Primarily the focus of this blog is people we come in contact with, which happens to be a lot of Florida artists.

I would encourage you to check out Tiny Waves, a new Orlando based site that will be covering the Florida scene as well as kindred vibes from around the globe.

I am not a journalist and I no longer feel comfortable writing about another's music in the way I previously have. That being said, I still want to post about music, but in a way that lets the music speak for itself more. Also, I am interested in interviewing artists and will continue to do so. Nicole Miglis is one of my favorite Gainesville musicians. "Quiet Morning" and "Who Had the Key?" are the first demos to come directly from Nicole on her bandcamp. You can grab three more of her songs here.

Above is Nicole performing Frédéric Chopin's Ballade No.4 at her University of Florida undergraduate recital.
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