Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lighthouse Music - Only Human

Lighthouse Music has just released Only Human via Red Planet Records. Today, artists can use recording and experimenting with editing to create, and then figure out how to play it live. Lighthouse Music are the farthest thing from this. While they did add some interesting things in the studio (like the coins sound on "Change"), the recording is really just archiving their songs. They've been playing these songs for the past few years, and it shows by the dynamic arrangement and song progressions. At first they attempted to do live recordings. After several attempts, they decided instead to record everything track by track. Lighthouse still managed to retain the essence of their live performance on Only Human, adding a more varied, less electric instrument palette (including violin). This album may be compared to efforts by Man Man, and the compositions allude to Miles Davis and Tom Waits influences.

Only Human by Lighthouse Music

Compare "Hip Bop" live with the recording.

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