Friday, October 21, 2011

Trayer - Afterlife An Abandoned Theme Park

On October 18th, Trayer released Afterlife An Abandoned Theme Park via Porter Records. This album has been in the making for five years, split into found sides. Part four was previously released as a stand-alone collection entitled Liquidation.

In 17 tracks, Trayer wanders in different directions. A partial committment to an IDM song structure is found consistently throughout the album's duration, flip flopping back and forth from effected speech field recordings, found sounds and guitar melodies, to more of an straightforward electronic rhythm based mode.

All of Afterlife An Abandoned Theme Park was composed by Trayer, though other artists, including Nicole, Zach, Felipe, and Paul from Levek contributed instrumentation on various songs. This core group of Levek's previous live band, including Trayer have formed Hundred Waters. They have completed their first full-length and will be be beginning to perform live soon in Gainesville. More to come on Hundred Waters in the next weeks.

Trayer - Amanogawa

Stream a few songs on bandcamp, or download the album for free here. Purchase it on vinyl or CD from Porter Records.

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