Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jane Jane Pollock

Jane Jane Pollock is an experimentalish popish band from Tallahassee, Florida. I got a chance to see them last night at The Church of Holy Colors in Gainesville on their tour with arguably the best live band I've ever seen Lighthouse Music.

The songs below are from their album Tar. The album was recorded back in 2008. It reaches a few different worlds, stretching their focus from more colorful tones and instruments--bells, accordian, shakey things, etc--to vocal driven tracks. A more recent release Potluck exemplifies the more vocal driven parts of Tar relying more on folk sensibilities.

Jane Jane Pollock - Sincerely
Jane Jane Pollock - This Is Where I Live

Tar really covers a lot, so I recommend getting a copy of the full album. I definitely recommend also hearing "15 Fingers", "Broken Christmas", and "Empty Nymph Rag", which all seem to flow in an agreeable vein as Lighthouse Music. Try emailing them, maybe they can help get you the rest of the tracks. For more info on what's going on with Jane Jane Pollock, check their myspace or wordpress.

If you live in Florida, catch one of Jane Jane Pollock and Lighthouse Music's last shows on their tour.

Aug 28 2010
The BPC Warehouse St. Augustine, FL

Aug 29 2010
The Engine Room Tallahassee, FL

Sep 4 2010
Sweat Records, Miami, FL



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