Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lighthouse Music

Lighthouse Music is a dynamically complex band from St Augustine, Florida. A few nights ago I saw them for the second time, at The Church Of Holy Colors in Gainesville. The band consists of at least six core members, who navigate an array of instruments from song to song, each well versed in horns, keys, percussion, and strings. Most songs have intricate melodies intertwined in each other, sometimes meeting at a same note while they move throughout scales, sometimes two bass players or two percussionists, always some intense horns, smooth keys, and a nice progressive arrangement. To fully comprehend the experience, they project black and white films to bridge the connection from how their perceive their world to ours, with their most recent show using the film "π".

The songs they've recorded just don't do the live set justice, and so I'll find out what their future plans are for recording, until then, check out some live videos which capture a decent representation of their talent.


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