Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tumbleweave, Attached Hands, Viernes, The Jameses

Last night we played with Tumbleweave, Attached Hands, Viernes, and The Jameses at Propaganda in Lake Worth. It was a really awesome show everyone's performance was good in its own way. Tumbleweave played quick spastic electroy drum tunes. Attached Hands had noise induced sound jams, nice visuals as well. Viernes had crash and a full sound, a guitar bass keyboard drums setup. The same went for The Jameses, who had zaney riffs and and a lot of energy, super cool tunes.

Below is a collection of performances that last night's bands have done around Florida in the past.

Tumbleweave playing at Club Sandwich, the warehouse run by Love Handles

Attached Hands bought 3D glasses for everyone. Cool experience with the visuals, Steeve (Dark Sea of Awareness) played on his set.

The above video was from a performance Attached Hands did at The Firestone in Orlando with Yip Yip and Melt Banana last November. Below is a video of Dark Sea of Awareness playing at Eamon's house in Orlando at the beginning of July.

This one is the Jameses playing at Propaganda in Lake Worth last May, I love this song.

Here's one of us playing at Churchills in Miami for Summer of Weirds.

Not live but a music video for Swimmer's Ear by Viernes such a good song and the video is too good.

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