Sunday, August 1, 2010

Now Breathers

Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, Now Breathers are a Hardcore/Roots rock band that retreated to the 70s. When they began they were more of an abrasive huge loud sound; they've begun to shift into a more Psychedelic form of rock. With their new song "Come Follow Me Into..." they use some burnt out vibrato and filters with some subtle delay making for a slightly spacey sundaze.

Now Breathers - Come Follow Me Into...

This song was recorded at Club Sandwich, the warehouse music space run by Love Handles. A lot of great shows and musical makings have been done there.

Catch Now Breathers at Bizarre Ave Cafe August 7th for one of several Lake Worth It's after parties. Posted below is a link to download "Groove", Now Breathers' first EP predating new material like the song posted above.


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