Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Conestyle is a band from Nashville, Tenessee. We played with them over a year ago for Monsters' album release at the Soma Center. They've got an intense, minimal setup--just drums and organ sounding keyboard with the occasional vocal chant or story read off a push-and-play storybook for kids. Obviously from the Monsters reference, they're friends with Tumbleweave, and recently did a show with them in Conestyle's hometown.

Conestyle - Preemptive Karma

Their Organizer EP is pretty engaging, with a lot of hectic drumming (which is a prominent element of Conestyle's sound), and quick part changes. The song posted about is from this release. What I enjoy most about their songs in contrast to what I've been listening to lately is that it sounds like a band--you can tell they can play their instruments--it's got a very real and exciting feel to it (and they've got a killer live performance to back that up).

For fans of Monsters, Tumbleweave, and Hella.

<a href="http://conestyle.bandcamp.com/track/sorry-marvin">Sorry Marvin by Conestyle</a>

The song posted above is from their upcoming full length which is yet to be titled. Expect it sometime around September.

Check out their live performance, this was such a good night.

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