Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tumbleweave - Demon Squeeze

At Indie Summer Festival I was lucky enough to obtain a copy of Tumbleweave's self-released preview of "Demon Squeeze"--a 5 song collection that is a few minutes longer in length than ♪♫♪♫♫♫♪♪♫♪ . I mean, only a few minutes more... this release pushes the 8 minute mark, with the last track being responsible for half that time. Ben says that the completed thing will be longer in length but may possibly still carry the "Demon Squeeze" name. Expect it out sometime next month.

Quick, fun, quirky electro tunes, Demon Squeeze makes variations on previous songs like Mystery Lynch, with the same slightly creepy underlining theme (Pre-Natal Porn [Horny For The Unborn]). While Tumbleweave isn't 8-bit, chiptune, or any outright "video game" music, there is definitely that sort of element to the tracks, which I think is super cool.

Tumbleweave - Pre-Natal Porn (Horny For The Unborn)

Get in contact with Tumbleweave on myspace to see if you can get some more tracks sent your way.

Did I mention their live set is amazing? Although the recordings are all Ben, he's got his old Monsters mate to help him perform live keys and electronics. Check out this live video of Tumbleweave performing at the Spin Cycle in Gainesville.

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