Saturday, July 31, 2010


Beatcasso is an experimental hip hop producer from Miami, Florida. Orginally from Nicaragua, he plans on moving to another city soon. On his wordpress he says:

"I simply make music, that I want to listen to. I’m a big hip-hop fan so that’s why I make hip-hop, I’m also a big fan of hip-hop that transcends beyond the common stereo typical boring sound hip-hop seems to always be related to, but don’t get me wrong I’m also a real big fan of old school hip-hop."

Beatcasso's music is made of studdery glitch beats, lofi-ness/vinyl crackles, occasional samples of speech, and laid back melodies.

<a href="">Service Sells by Beatcasso</a>

He has just released "Waiter Music", his third and final chapter to the "Waiter Series" of releases, as of July 26th 2010. All of Beatcasso's music is availabe for free download so make sure to check out his bandcamp page.


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