Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Early Sumsun EP under different name

Judson Rogers (Sumsun) has been making music for years exploring all different sounds. He has just released "People Protect What They Love", an EP under the name of Moka Moka made back in 2005. The sounds are in a lot of ways similar to Sumsun's upcoming release Samo Milago, but also very different. "People Protect" has a more electronic feel, with a lot of reverse sounds and more defined and definite sounds, whereas Samo Milagro displays a more collage of textures blending into each other. For fans of the more 'art' sound of Broken Social Scene.

Moka Moka - Crayon Ponyfish
Moka Moka - Luminescent Pink Snapper

Expect Samo Milagro from Leaving Records and Maomoo very soon.


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