Thursday, July 15, 2010


Finglebone is the sounds of Adam Varney from the UK, on the page for his release "23", it is stated:

"Adam Varney's project Finglebone started as soon as he learned to play the guitar in 1992. Adam would spend time recording using tape players and drew influences from folk songs underlined by teenage angst. As influences changed and interests broadened Adam began using electronic arrangements and drum machines to flesh out sounds exploring different atmospheres and textures. "

<a href="">Befuddled by ruralcolours</a>

You should pick up a pair of headphones for this, slightly atmospheric with certain panning and light effects over the mix, but more like campfire songs acoustic. The guitar melodies on Flogiston are really soothing. Lucid is more of the meditative wilderness feel, with reverse guitar. All the songs share the same feeling aside from a mood change in the last song "Flouse Hole Sun", like after a blissful connection to nature the night sets in and you feel in survival mode...



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