Thursday, July 15, 2010

Totem Pole

Today, Kevin Williams, the brainchild of Totem Pole, released "Caves and Tunnels, Mountains and Stairs", a 6 track EP for free. Totem Pole is rooted in West Palm Beach, Florida headed by Kevin, with a fluctuating backing band. Overall--and maybe somewhat influenced by the band and album name--the tracks give some sort of primal prepsychdelic vibe, a modern reaction to 70s rock. Even the more pop-oriented brighter songs such as "Pointless/Love Gallery" somehow still keep this vision. A slight deviation,"Who Can Kill Rasputin", is a short creepy track to the effect of--but darker than--the opening track of Gang Gang Dance's "God's Money". Kevin has an awesome selection of instruments--guitar and shakers are most prominent, but there's also organ, sitar, accordian, and a lot of other colors that support the sound.

<a href="">Voyeuristic Tradition by Totem Pole</a>


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