Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Angel Deradoorian, mostly known as a member of Dirty Projectors, records solo simply as Deradoorian. Touring as young as seventeen, she has been busy with music for a long time. Last year she released an EP titled "Mind Raft". The chants on the opening track "Weed Jam' may remind you of Prince Rama, but Deradoorian sounds more like a less sporadic Dirty Projectors who is more into rock/folk style genres rather than eclectic pop. Maybe you could say "Mind Raft" sounds like a more acid "Acid Tongue" by Jenny Lewis.

Deradoorian - Weed Jam
Deradoorian - High Road

According to, Angel also plays in Secret Surprise and the Latter Day Saints, Inlets, Mature Women, Fleetwood Mac.


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