Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mandragora Dream

Mandragora Dream is a five part ambient piece created by Floridians Tim Hicks and Olesya Kryvoruchko, playing guitar and violin respectively. Softly behind, the strings are accompanied by snappers, keys, shakers, tape echo or other nice textures adding to the overall feel of each part of Mandragora Dream. This is much more than some kid adding a bunch of delay to two notes on a keyboard or guitar to make "ambience" (which is sometimes good too) , it's two pro musicians getting together and making some wonderful music with a nice progression.

It's available for purchase for $5, or you can stream it on bandcamp, or download the part posted below for free.

Oleysa & Tim - Mandragora Dream (2/5)

<a href="">Mandragora Dream 01/05 by Mandragora Dream</a>


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