Monday, July 12, 2010

Emily Reo - Minha Gatinha

Emily Reo just put her album Minha Gatinha online for free, originally only being available through purchase of cassette. This isn't to say you shouldn't still buy the cassette if you fall in love with Minha Gatinha! I had heard a few songs that had been floating around the internet but never the whole album. It's really awesome! Each song is approached with similar textures--lofi with some reverby click track drums, guitar/keys, sometimes xylophone or other little eccentric things and Emily's vocals. With this there is a cohesiveness to the album where you won't get taken out of the mood from track to track, and yet each song sounds different and has it's own mood. Some songs are soothing uplifting or sad songs, and others like "Paper Books" or"Metal On Your Skin"are a little more eerie. Masked behind all that reverb is a really pretty voice. Minha Gatinha is the perfect bedroom mix for a rainy day.

Emily Reo - Paper Books

Emily Reo - I'll Never Live By The Coast

Her newest release, "Witch Mtn" is available through Breakfast of Champs Records.

Capture Emily Reo live at Endless Bummer this weekend


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