Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Currently based in Gainesville, Florida, David Levesque performs with an arranged group of up to 5 other musicians under the name Levek. His music is as intelligently written and arranged as Sufjan Stevens but plays more with "tribal" or acoustic instruments rather than creating a playful sound. I was blown away seeing Levek perform at Viernes' album release show at The Social. David switches between guitar, ukulele, keyboard and floor tom, as he sings. Joining him at the front of the stage are a few more musicians at times harmonizing with his vocal melodies and other times playing flute or more percussive instruments. Some grooving basslines and a full drum kit keep a more convientional "band" type intact, while at the far end of the stage another musician works electronic effects and other eccentric things making the live experience truely unique.

What influences such a fresh sound? Well the Dirty Projectors for one--Levek covers their song Remade Horizon very successfully.

Levek - Heave Ho
Levek - Remade Horizon (Dirty Projectors cover)

Levek will be doing a solo performance at our friend Eamon's house in Orlando on July 3rd, also scheduled to play is Emily Reo, Dark Sea of Awareness, and Hear Hums.


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