Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dth - Songs To Sleep Next To

Dth, who had released a few months ago the great "I Hope I Can Feel Something Like That One Day" has just released something new titled "Songs To Sleep Next To". Whereas his previous release seem to borrow the best elements of The Books, this album has some scattered influences, the firs two songs bring me back to the more meditative songs on Sung Tungs by Animal Collective. Slow pulsating melodic acoustic guitar chords, buzzing and chirps of nature, with only slight more electronic nuances but a very acoustic/naturey feel to the whole album. From there on, the album shifts moods and really sounds more like the album cover looks, a little darker and colder. These songs have more of an electronic ambient feel to them and must be when you have fallen asleep and all the subconscious thoughts and experiences you experience in REM or something.

While Dth hasn't completely revamped his sound, it's really interesting to hear the progression over the course of a few months. It seems to me Devin has kept his process intact with the editing and mixing and what not, but has explored new themes/moods/sounds with Songs To Sleep Next To. I'm excited to hear what he does next.

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