Sunday, June 20, 2010

Viva Le Vox

Viva Le Vox is a rockabilly group based in Lake Worth, Florida. I say rockabilly, but I'm not sure if that's exactly right, it's also got some haunt and mystery to it, you'll have to hear for yourself. The group has been around longer than I can remember, playing what seemed like 2 to 4 shows each week for extended periods of time. If any South Florida group deserves the attention, it's these guys, with all the work and dedication to music they've shown through these past years. They have just released their second album, "Wayward Ones", the other night at a release show at Respectables in West Palm.

Their live show is engaging, with Anthony going crazy on a minimalist drum set up, breaking at least a pair of brushes each show. Scarecrow wraps his fingers in ductape because of how hard he plucks his upright bass.

They made an appearance at Total Bummer festival last March, and are about to embark on one of two tours spanning from now until September hitting a bunch of cities on the east coast. Unfortunetly, Viva Le Vox doesn't appear to have any free tunes online, but you can preview a bunch of songs on their myspace or buy their album on Cd Baby.


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