Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Michael Parallax - Cough Syrup EP

Michael Parallax (part of Oh Fortuna) from Gainesville, Florida, just released an EP titled "Cough Syrup". With 10 tracks in total you may think of it as a full-length, the work is definitely there. Cough Syrup consists of mainly one or two minute songs, with the longest being "From the Inner Lid" at 3:32. The songs share similar melodies but approach in various different ways with some songs more acoustically-driven and others with more by electronics. As with Oh Fortuna, the vocals and harmonies are really poppy and great. Sometimes there are small hints of ukulele or guitar, most times everything blended with reverb and same tape pops and crackles, nice sounding bells trailing off with delay, and waves of ambience present themselves frequently throughout the course of the EP.
Michael Parallax - a.m.

Currently Michael Parallax is on tour with jamesDUNK, some of the dates are still to be announced so check back on their myspaces soon.

June 23- Gainesville, FL: Kickoff show @ Spin Cycle w/ Spirit Tramp and Jon Lovitz
June 24- Tallahassee, FL: @ The Charles Mansion
June 26- Louisville, KY: House Show at Joe's
June 29- St. Louis, MO: House Show w/ Pirates of the Caribbean Pts II and III
June 30- Minneapolis, MN: Medusa w/ Vacation Dad, Panda Teeth, and Farms
July 1- Chicago, IL: Mortville w/ Nude Sunrise, Vacation Dad
July 3- Chicago, IL: Ottoman Empire w/ Animal City
July 6- Cleveland, OH: @ Believeland w/ Cloud Nothings and Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk
July 7 and 8- Philadelphia, PA: TBA
July 9- DC: TBA
July 10- NYC: TBA
July 11- Boston, MA: @ The Whitehaus
July 12- Boston, MA: House Show w/ Magic Man
July 13- Asheville, NC: TBA

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