Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dark Sea Of Awareness

Last Monday and a Friday or two ago we played with Dark Sea of Awareness; it's the name of Steve Head from Winter Park, he just toured with Attached Hands, Emily Reo, Rabbit Punch, and Michael Parallax, and he's coming to West Palm Beach today to play at Propaganda with Sumsun, Hear Hums, and the rest of the bands listed above.

The two sets I saw seemed to give me a very different feeling but strangely enough with pretty much the same melodies and equipment. I'm really not sure if Dark Sea's sets are improved but the performance each time has been an interesting experience that I can really fall into.

Dark Sea Of Awareness' self titled album is similar to the live experience but definitely more detailed, sometimes falling more toward guitar-based, but usually electronic and ambient. It's really clear and defined, yet spacey and atmospheric. You decide the images it makes for you.

Dark Sea Of Awareness - Sidpa Bardo
Dark Sea Of Awareness - Untitled Sampling


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