Friday, May 28, 2010

Deaf Country

Somewhere out there between spacey bedroom mixes and electropop music there is Deaf Country. It is the project of this dude Grant from Boston---Electro bit sounds and water delays, the vocals and drums and synths all blend together in a really nice way----He has a really cool remix of Broken Social Scene's "Anthems for a 17 Year-Old Girl on his myspace page definitely worth checking out. If you liked Oh Fortuna or Magic Man this may be for you.

Deaf Country - The Sound Is The Sound

Grant describes Deaf Country with...

".. if autotune takes the soul out of a song, then that's what i want. i'm grant, aka deaf country. the name came to me in a dream, i think. i'm really good at grilling food. my interests include frost, echoey stairwells, and gold. i make all this music to have fun in my room. thank you all all all "

Deaf Country's video for "To Have and Have Not"


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