Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Farms is the project of two guys named Ben and Andy from Wisconsin. We met them at Total Bummer, really awesome guys. On their myspace they are described in this way:

One member of FARMS has a fully functional synthesizer in his head and holds his mouth a little open like a third ear. One member of FARMS is a fucking 'showboat' who works drums like a middle schooler trying to show an older girl his 'passion' or how good he is at making out. One is a pleasant, video game psychic and one applies corporeal metaphors to like everything, and then smiles. FARMS is a Wisconsin band, because sometimes there is nothing else to do here/there than take drugs and go into woods or drive on interstates. They play in a basement with a coal chute and a bat. They are part of Δ collective.

They've just released a video for their song "We Gotta Box Of White Tape Snakes" and they are in the process of booking a month long east coast tour in June.


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