Sunday, June 13, 2010

Panda Teeth

Long time friends of Andy (Vacation Dad) and Ben of Farms, Ronnie Lee is Panda Teeth. The three had known each other for years, whether it was being involved together in old bands, or playing the same shows together in seperate bands. It's clear this time together has made a consistant element in Panda Teeth, Vacation Dad, and Farms--some form of songwriting with one strong percussive element and one main melody approached in three different ways with the types of instruments and sounds encompassed in each music project.

Panda Teeth - I'm Sick of Chip Breaking The 4th Wall

Ronnie, Ben, and Andy drove down to Gainesville last March for Total Bummer, and while in town they jammed with Truman Peyote, and Levek at "The Birdcage" which I think is JT's (Oh Fortuna, Rabbit Punch) house.


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