Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ant Parade

Ant Parade is the project of a lady name Brigid from Tampa, Florida. She mostly makes music with tapes, loops, and drum machines, singing over what she lays down. The sounds then lay in fields of tape hiss from the process of bedroom recordings.

Ant Parade - Ax of God
Ant Parade - Night Set (Bloodfest 2009)

Upcoming Shows

Summer of Weirds at Churchill's(Miami): July 16th & 17th
FRIDAY July 16:
Makeshift Diaper
Mr. Feathers ( Otto Von Schirach's Voodoo Witch Doctor )
Bobby Load
Boise Bob & His Backyard Band
Hear Hums (West Palm)
The President
Kenny Millions
Dyslexic Postcards
Flux Forces
Laundry Room Squelchers
Creature Tweaker Council

Funny Blood
Da Mystix
Xela Zaid
Self and Other
Ant Parade (Tampa)
Rat Bastard
Nik Magnus Shriner
The Uh... (St. Pete)
Animals of the Arctic
Max Dance
Creature Tweaker Council

Ant Parade/Table tour July 20th-27th

Tue July 20th Gainesville
(without Table) @ Spagandyland
14 NW 9th Ave., Apt. A

Wed July 21st Savannah
@ Maldoror's frame shop
2418 De Soto Ave

Thu July 22nd Charleston
@ Communications Museum
58 George Street

Fri July 23rd Columbia,
@ tba

Sat July 24th Chapel Hill/Carbarro
@ tba

Sun July 25th Atlanta
@ Beep Beep Gallery
696 Charles Allen Drive NE

Mon July 26th Clyo
@ Clyo Lair

Tue July 27th St. Augustine
@ The West Nest
the corner of Pellicer and West King

Ant Parade might be for you if you enjoy Emily Reo or Dark Sea of Awareness.


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