Tuesday, December 7, 2010

God Boat

God Boat is the side project of Weston Mansfield from the band Totally Nebular currently residing in Gainesville, Florida. While Totally Nebular have been sort of inactive with shows, God Boat and Tree Hopping have been doing collaborative sets live where they play on each other's songs. At the Trash To Treasure event in Pompano Beach, Florida two weeks ago, God Boat and Tree Hopping gave out a super limited split release with hand drawings featuring 3 songs from each band (including "bird road" by Tree Hopping I posted a week or so ago).

We've gotten a break down of Totally Nebular's sound from Tree Hopping and Forest Clay in the past, and while God Boat has put out some short releases in the past, this is pretty much the first look into Weston's side of music making. I've heard Oregano In My Yard played twice now and I'm really into it. This was the first time I heard Shore and was blown away, such an amazing track with all those high-pitched magical textures and interesting arrangement of sound.

These are tracks from God Boat's full-length release Beautiful Caps, hopefully coming out by the end of the year or soon thereafter.


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