Saturday, December 4, 2010

Discovery Of Magnetic North

Discovery Of Magnetic North are an experimental duo from Orlando, Florida. Under the description of their album Diving Belle on CdBaby, the music is described as "Psychedelic electronics with a heavy mix of organic texture and occasional guitars and vocals. Weathered soundtracks for forgotten memories." I got the chance to check them out last Thursday at Attached Hands' release show for their 7" with Truman Peyote. The lineup included a Diamond Man side project Alien Painter, Dark Sea of Awareness, Discovery Of Magnetic North, us, and Attached Hands. The show was at Will's Pub, the place to play if you looking to play Orlando. Discovery of Magnetic North had really interesting projections, and they switched through different 'modes' of songs, some more vocal driven, one where one of the guys played bass guitar, and electronics. Their set fit in nice with the blissful tones of Dark Sea of Awarness as well as the more aggressive noise of Attached Hands.

Discovery Of Magnetic North - Catacombs

Discovery Of Magnetic North - Picture Talking Dictionary

Although this is a short clip, below is a video of a Discovery Of Magnetic North performance, just to get an idea of what they're like live.


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