Sunday, January 24, 2010

Truman Peyote

Thank you to the fmly for this find. I was really blown away when listening to Light-Lightning last night, like the most I've been blown away in a long time. Truman Peyote , out of Boston MA, is what to keep your eye on.

To explain their sound, they go through fits of crazy electronics and waves of ambience, then they organize into dancier pop songs. This band blends the right elements together to really create something refreshing. At times there's a lot of focus on the changing timbres of noises and then shifts into more about the progression of song structure, ranging from spacey landscapes and feelings to physical instruments and vocals. Etheral and magical, hyper and engaging.

They've sold out of their original CD-R release of Light-Lightning, but a 12" LP of the release is on the way.
Caleb told me he just started Breakfast of Champs Record it's worth checking out.

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