Saturday, December 31, 2011

Surfin Serf

Surfin Serf is a four-piece band from Orlando, Florida. They put a progressive/math rock twist on highly catchy pop melodies. They have released two sets of recordings on bandcamp, Surfin Serf Demo 2011a and No Meta. While I enjoy focusing on the art of the recording, it is important to note Surfin Serf have an incredible live set and need not to doctor up their recordings.

From their Myspace, they share "the surfin serf music band of orlando, florida became a four-piece in the summer of 2010. this current iteration is wet with afterbirth, and most-appropriate representations gradually surface. in the meantime, peruse the available relics, which remain available as indications of the strange beast which now hangs out on vietnamese streets".

Surfin Serf performing "Gingerbread".

Surfin Serf performing "Que Se Yo".

Orlando can catch Surfin Serf at the Orange You Glad Music Festival 2012 (March 8-11th) also featuring Grimes, Born Gold, Jane Jane Pollock, Dark Sea of Awareness, Cults, Tennis, Maximino, Everything is Terrible, Moodrings, Loud Valley, and many more.


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