Thursday, August 11, 2011

Yip Yip - Bone Up

Since the summer of 2008, Yip Yip has been working on what has come to be Bone Up, a 16 track new full length; this year also marks Yip Yip's 10th year anniversay of being a band. Following the relase of Two Kings of the Same Kingdom, Yip Yip began performing and playing new instrumental songs live. In 2009, Yip Yip covered Nirvana's song "Very Ape". They were excited about how the vocals turned out, and wanted to figure out a way to fit vocals into the new compositions, and out of it created another group of songs. This long and premeditated process created one of the most unique and active albums I've heard this year.

There are no questionable areas of the album, Yip Yip's vision was well executed. I instantly recognize the songs from their live performance. By the time the songs came to recording, the essence and energy stayed intact, and upon this Yip Yip added a well defined, dynamic arrangement of intricate sounds ever-changing from measure to measure. They seamless pack multiple parts into mostly two minute songs; each part is very well composed and with an interesting rhythm, yet effortless to follow.

Purchase Bone Up on cassette for $4 and CD for $6 on their bandcamp.
Yip Yip self released this album, and for as inexpensive they are selling it for, it would be great if you forked over a couple bucks for the physical release. If not, the band was nice enough to give away the album for free (or you can name your price for digital tracks on their bandcamp).


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