Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dustin Wong

Dustin Wong is an experimental musician from Baltimore, Maryland. He is a founding member of Ecstatic Sunshine and currently places in four-piece art rock band Ponytail. Last October Dustin Wong released Infinite Love, a piece presumably written for a full orchestra yet performed solely by Wong with a setup consisting basically only of a guitar, looper, and six or so other pedals. The double album is split up into a Brother side and a Sister side. An accompanying DVD allows the listener to choose the course of the experience, beginning the same and eventually taking a few different turns. "Talking Walking Cloud" posted below is a bonus track from Infinite Love.

Dustin Wong - Talking Walking Cloud

Above is a video I filmed at Silent Barn in New York last month on our tour. Philip Seymour Hoffman, Emily Reo, and Dark Sea of Awareness also played that night. Dustin Wong has completely mastered the loop pedal with flawless control and perfectly keeping tempo, each section began with fast paced simple guitar riffs that quickly complexified, with octave, fuzz, delay, and a few other pedals, an organism began growing and with each breath it became larger and larger until suddenly it ceased to exist; the cycle began again in a similar way for the duration of Wong's set.

Make sure to check out Infinite Love through Thrill Jockey, it's a really great album.

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