Thursday, June 9, 2011

Foot Village

Foot Village is an experimental quartet from LA. With only a drum kit, a megaphone, and a lot of shouting, the band creates a heavy tribal, post-punk, raw acoustic sound. Their sound palette, as well as the theme of their lyrics, is seemingly based on the concept of a post-apocalyptic situation. The cassette version of World Fantasy
was Crash Symbols' first release, where I originally discovered the band. I've been really into them ever since.

Below is a 16 minute journey, "Let Bebongs Be Bongs, Idiot" which will appear on a split with West African group Super Khoumeissa on FatCat Records due July 11th.

A - Foot Village - Let Bebongs Be Bebongs, Idiot by FatCat Records

Taken from FatCat, the band describes the piece as being "about being young and listening to records in the middle of the night with your friends; the type of experience that creates ineffable bonds of friendship while on psychic journeys."

Above is footage of Foot Village's "T.A.K.E." from the album Anti-Magic, with the end of the video trailing into "Bebong". It was shot by Bez Martinen last week in Indio, CA.


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