Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Emily Reo

Lofi recordings drowned in a hall of reverb, Emily Reo is an uprising female pop musician following in the footsteps of Beach House and similar acts. Her songs take interesting spins on guitar, keyboard, drum set ups and most have some sort of haunting feel to them. She has played with Truman Peyote, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and more of theFMLY crew, she played Total Bummer with Levek and other notable mid-Florida acts, and she's setting up a tour in the upcoming months. From the recordings to booking her own shows to making the artwork to her own releases, she seems to have a very DIY approach to it all. If you're into the wonderful tunes by our friend Michelle Blades, this may be for you.

--Performing "Metal On Your Skin"--
Not the best cinematography but gives you a feel for her live performances (with Dark Sea of Awareness helping her perform). This was at Total Bummer, if you look hard enough you can see us in the crowd.

as described from a user on"emily reo is an experimental/noise pop musician from orlando, florida. her songwriting reflects the ethereal rhythmic pop sound of beach house with haunting echoey melodies a la kria brekkan and julianna barwick, as well as the lo-fi recording sound of tickley feather, julian lynch and best coast. the culmination of her influences and compositional technique creates a sound that is uniquely dark, distant and intriguingly catchy."

Emily Reo is playing with Dark Sea of Awareness, Technobox, and Hear Hums May 14th at Will's Pub in Orlando. If you're around I highly recommend it.

Emily Reo - Metal On Your Skin
Emily Reo - Wtch Mtn (from her upcoming cassette)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Diamond Man live on WMNF Artful Dodgins

Diamond Man recently played live on WMNF Artful Dodgins in Tampa FL. Between songs they were interviewed; they tell of how they all came together and explain their creative process including where and how they create their sounds. The sound is not exactly mixed how Diamond Man intends, but the recording is still pretty great. We got to see them for the second time last Saturday and they put on such a great show. They are currently playing songs from an upcoming release titled "Diamond Man Travels" which will include songs from out-of-print "Into The Gulf" as well as some new ones.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

perpetual means.

Ralph Giunta just released perpetual means., a visual meditative piece using a camera, guitar, and singing bowls. It was a collobrative effort between Giunta and his friend Natasha. --A retreat to that safe place inside yourself.

On Ralph Giunta's myspace there are some improv/free form recordings, including collaborations with Eamon Ford. He says more up-to-date tracks will be coming soon.

Ralph is also an amazing photography and has a lot of his work on flickr, highly recommended that you check it out.



Friday, April 9, 2010

Dirty Laundry Presents: Surfer Blood

Dirty Laundry released a video which is sort of like a behind-the-scenes to Surfer Blood. It's the story of meeting, getting a tour van, Kanine Records, and more. The cinematography is quite horrible try not to let it distract you from JP's spiel.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Remember Sumsun??

Preston Landis made a live video for the song Winston by Sumsun. This was in Gainesville, part of Total Bummer festival.

We filmed Sumsun too.....

Winston, as well as the song posted below Listen are songs from Sumsun's upcoming release Lake Life, due April 2010, really really soon.

Sumsun - Listen

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Blind Man's Colour Video

Blind Man's Colour just released their music video for Canoe Paddles, off their new Wooden Blankets EP. It is a big step away from all the Animal Collective associations and instead has a new feel, more maybe 80s, the video more than alludes to that vibe.

Blind Man's Colour is playing with Diamond Man, Totally Nebular, Hear Hums, among various other bands April 17th for Record Store Day at Mojo Books and Music in Tampa, FL.

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