Sunday, May 29, 2011

Say "No!" to Architecture

Our stop in Baltimore led me to the discovery of Say "No!" to Architecture. Until recently a Brooklyn based project, Say "No!" To Architecture announced they were Richmond based. The band is headed by Alynka Roizman accompanied by drummer and Impose contributor Derek Evers. We opened up the show, followed by Dead Drums (Lands & Peoples side project), Say "No!" to Architecture, and Moss of Aura (Future Island's side project). Every band was a two-piece with the exception of soloist Gerrit Welmers, Moss of Aura. It was interesting to see the contrast between each duo's approach to a live performance. Say "No!" to Architecture created minimal jams based on live looping a few drums, tape players, and guitar. The sound was created in the moment, even the manipulation of a cassette player acted just as an instrument rather than a sampler recalling pre-recorded loops. They played visuals on a small television synced to their set.

Say "No!" to Architecture's 7" release Time of the Wolf is availabe through Impose Magazine.


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