Friday, April 27, 2012

Future Ape Tapes

Taken from their website, Future Ape Tapes "is forever a low frequency, altered state, animal totem band machine from Athens, GA. Comprised of a two piece foundation, D* and Tom(b) TV have made sounds to zone out to since 2006." Future Ape Tapes releases include the solo effort of Tom(b) Television.

Their latest release entitled Reincarnations>>>> dates back to March 2011, though in December 2011 Future Ape Tapes announced they were writing new songs and working on a new EP; be on the look out for new material soon.

Tom(b) Television released Idiosyncapator in December of 2010. The artists described it with these words: "Idiosyncapator was made by Future Ape Tapes co-founder Tom(b) Television, aka Tommy TV, Bhagdaddy as a solo endeavor. Recorded half on 4-track, half on to the computer, it is a collection of songs about reincarnation, gender and other identity crisis, as well as meditations on the relation between author and audience. While predominantly referencing hip-hop in style, Idiosyncapator also marks a conscious departure from this paradigm with experiments into guitar-based song structures. Enjoy!"


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