Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bayatas - On Your Clothing

Gabriel Berrios, whom you may recognize as Tree Hopping, begun Bayatas a few months ago as he temporarily relocated from Gainesville to Miami and then permanetly to New York for school. He has been releasing what appears could end up being a full length of material two or three songs at a time on Bandcamp for free/donation. In April, NPR caught on, and included Bayatas on a playlist of theirs. Later Bayatas ranked in NPR's best albums of 2012 thus far. Reportedly Gabriel is one in only a few on the list who haven't had a physical release. In a time where it is becoming increasingly easier to make music in a bedroom, an oversaturation of media can be an ocean too vast to swim through and wash up anywhere significant. When an artist emerges without having toured or hired a publicist, the rare occurance should motivate you to atleast give them a try.

Donate what you wish for the above songs and more on Bayatas' Bandcamp.


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